A Time for Change
Stephen P. Atwood

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Display Measurement and the Development and Manufacturing Process
Thomas G. Fiske

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Display Engineering Leads the Way for $100 Laptop Design

The Business of Displays

Display Engineering Leads the Way for $100 Laptop Design
Mary Lou Jepsen

The Spatial Standard Observer: A New Tool for Display Metrology

In the design of displays, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But until recently, the industry has lacked tools to estimate quality as seen by the human eye. Here, the development and application of the Spatial Standard Observer (SSO), a new tool for estimating the visibility of spatial patterns, is described.
Andrew B. Watson

Reflections on Sunlight - or Daylight - Readability

While most in the display industry refer to sunlight readability as a major metric for the quality of a display, it is, in fact, "daylight" readability - factoring in not just the sun or ambient light, but clouds, the beach, the paint on the walls, etc. - which is more vital to the performance of modern displays.
Edward F. Kelley

Measuring Motion Blur in Liquid-Crystal Displays

Motion blur is one of the biggest problems facing LCD designers today. Here, an experimentally simple method to determine motion blur in LCDs is proposed, based on a luminance data-acquisition system that accurately measures the temporal step response of various luminance transitions on the display.
Kees TeunissenXiaohua LiIngrid Heynderickx

Display Modulation by Fourier Transform

A preferred method for determining the grating modulation of a rear-projection display using a grating image and Fourier analysis is presented.
Thomas G. FiskeLouis D. Silverstein

Journal of the SID Preview

The papers appearing in the January 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
Aris Silzars