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Baloney! And Other Stories from the USDC/Needham Investors Conference
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
The Numbers Racket
By Peter H. Putman

Sharp: In Pursuit of System LCDs
Placing the display electronics - or even the system electronics - on_ the display substrate would revolutionize display-product design; Sharp is making its first "system LCD" products with its own CG Silicon technology.
By Joel Pollack

Designing Touch LCDs for Portable Devices
The enhanced functionality of portable devices has outpaced the user's ability to view information, execute commands, and easily navigate through complicated menus. The solution is the integration of touch technology with a highly visible display.
By Bruce De Visser

A View-Navigation System for Hand-Held Portable Displays
RotoViewô scrolling technology makes large virtual images accessible to small hand-held devices such as PDAs and mobile telephones.
By David Y. Feinstein

Road Show
New technologies and applications are expanding the role of displays in automobiles, helping to inform and entertain both drivers and passengers.
By Robert L. Donofrio

Active-Matrix LCDs for Mobile Telephones in Japan
The increasingly sophisticated functions of modern mobile telephones require the use of more advanced displays, and the Japanese market leads the way.
By Ryoichi Watanabe and Osamu Tomita


SID News
The SID Senior Member Grade Committee announces more SID Senior Members.

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DuPont Displays: Forcing the Action
By David Liebennan

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