Answers and Questions
By Kenneth I. Werner

Guest Column

Postcard from the Gamut Edge
By Michael H. Brill

SID '05 Expands

Organizers add new events and more technical sessions to serve a new era of display technology and products, providing more value for attendees.
By Ken Werner

Amorphous-Silicon TFT AMOLEDs

If amorphous silicon is not the ideal material for making active-matrix backplanes for organic light-emitting-diode displays, why are so many trying to use it?
By Corbin Church and Arokia Nathan

A Survey of 3-D Display Technologies

We are experiencing an explosion of interest in 3-D imaging in electronic displays, but no single 3-D technology is appropriate for all applications.
By Paul May

Comparing Large-Screen-Display Specifications

Specification sheets for large-screen displays list many parameters, but many of them are misleading and not all of them matter to end users. So, more than ever before, it is important to understand the key display specifications and how they differ among technologies.
By Raymond M. Soneira

Journal of the SID Preview

The papers appearing in the March 2005 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars