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Professional Development Programs Need Your Support.
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

By Michael Morgenthal

Guest Editorial

As Mobile Displays Boom, Innovations Continue.
By Jyrki Kimmel

President's Corner

SID Shows Its Flexibility.
By Paul Drzaic

The Business of Displays

Commercializing High-Information-Content Flexible Displays: A Global Initiative
By Greg Raupp

Stars Align for LCD Suppliers to Enjoy Big Gains from Touch Phones

LCD suppliers were one of the largest beneficiaries of the launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007, which ushered in a new era for large-display touch phones. But this is hardly the first foray into large-screen mobile touch devices. This article will explore what makes this latest effort by Apple and the responses from Samsung, LG, and HTC different from past touch-phone efforts and what the future holds for this sector.
By Jeff Brown

Developing Gaze Tracker for Diffractive-Optics-Enabled Near-to-Eye Displays

A near-to-eye display (NED) is one display solution where an image can be perceived to be larger than the actual physical device on which it is displayed. A thin, light user friendly and high-performing see-through NED has been prototyped using very thin plastic light guides with diffractive structures on the surfaces. To be able to efficiently interact with the displayed user interface, we have also integrated a video-based gaze tracker into the NED, using similar diffractive optics.
By Toni Järvenpää

Display Interfacing - Moving Beyond the Pixels

Displays for mobile devices keep getting larger and more complex. In order to obtain optimum performance from these devices, display interfaces that can transfer other data not related to the pixels are necessary. This article reviews the history and examines the latest developments in this area.
By James Schuessler

Journal of the SID Preview

Selected papers appearing in the October 2008 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars