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Lessons from the Year That Was . . .
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Green Manufacturing: End-of-Life Issues Are Complex
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Display Manufacturing on Flexible Substrates
By Greg Gibson

President's Corner

The Importance of Light
By Paul Drzaic

Frontline Technology: Flexible e-Book Displays Produced in Standard TFT and Module Factories

Thin, light, and robust flexible e-book displays are being prepared for mass production with most of the same equipment and processes used for glass displays.
By Ian French

Frontline Technology: High-Volume Manufacturing of Photonic Components on Flexible Substrates

The penetration of photonic technologies into the low-cost consumer-electronics marketplace has so far been limited. This article details several flexible-substrate-based manufacturing processes that have been developed for the high-volume low-cost production of optical waveguides ? key components of a specific optical touch-screen system.
By Robbie Charters

Display Marketplace: TFT-LCD Manufacturing Advances Reduce Cost and Energy Consumption

Much attention has focused on advances in TFT-LCD panel technology such as LED backlights, 120/240-Hz frame rates, wide viewing angle, and other technologies leading to performance improvements. But behind the scenes, TFT-LCD manufacturing continues to evolve, leading to increased manufacturing productivity, lower costs, and improved power efficiency. Recent developments include color filters, liquid-crystal alignment, and TFT design.
By Charles Annis and Paul Semenza

Enabling Technology: Overview: Low-Temperature Polysilicon

Low-temperature-polysilicon (LTPS) technology is an important part of the active-matrix-LCD manufacturing environment. Will its role expand or has it found its niche?
By Jenny Donelan

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