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Low-cost 3-D imager permits real-time diagnostic analysis
Canadian researchers faced with the high cost of equipment in setting up a digital imaging research facility solved the problem by building their own digital imaging system using less expensive, off-the-shelf components.
By Shalev, J. Arenson, R. Kettner, Department of Medical Physics, Manitoba Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Determining medical imaging CRT resolution, not a simple procedure
System resolution performance in today's medical imaging and display equipment is not a simple thing to determine, since the sum of the component performances must be considered: the display, the video camera, and the video processing equipment.
ByJohn Harshbarger, President, Visual Information Institute Inc., Xenia. OH.

SID "Best Paper Award" - LC panel displays high contrast, wide viewing angle
A supertwisted birefringence effect (SBE) display, developed by Swiss researchers promises to dramatically improve image quality in present TN display modules through retrofitting.
By T.J. Scheffer, J.Nehring, M. Kaufmann, H. Amstutz, D. Heimgartner, and P. Eglin, Brown Boveri Research Center, Baden/Dattwil, Switzerland.