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Onward to Display Week
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Advances in Materials for Display Applications
By Ion Bita

Frontline Technology: Emerging Solution-Processable Luminescent Nanomaterials in Hybrid Structures Offer New Solutions for Displays and Lighting
As the development of quantum dot and perovskite luminescent materials accelerates, it is expected that these materials will increasingly gain applications in display and lighting markets, particularly in hybrid structures with state-of-the-art phosphor or OLED systems.
By Yajie Dong, Hao Chen, Juan He, and Shin-Tson Wu

Frontline Technology: Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Is a Key New Technology for OLED Displays
TADF emitters are poised to contribute to the next material-driven advancement of the OLED industry, making OLEDs ideal for even more applications.
By Daniel Volz

2017 Honors and Awards: SID Recognizes Outstanding Members of the Display Community
This yearís winners of the Society for Information Displayís Honors and Awards include Hiroyuki Ohshima, who will receive the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize; Shui-Chih Alan Lien, who has earned the Jan Rajchman Prize; Martin S. Banks, who will receive the Otto Schade Prize; Deng-Ke Yang, who has earned the Slottow-Owaki Prize; Kenneth I. Werner, who will receive the Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award; and Yi-Pai Huang, who will receive the inaugural Peter Brody Prize.
By Jenny Donelan

Show Review: The 11 Best Display-Related Finds at CES 2017
The most exciting near- and medium-term developments seen at the show revolved around quantum dots. And there were other surprises.
By Ken Werner

2017 Display Week Symposium Preview: AR/VR, Digital Signage, Display Materials, and Wearables Headline Display Week 2017 Technical Program in Los Angeles
A bumper crop of papers submitted to this yearís symposium ensures that the field will be broad as well as deep. Highlights include novel technologies like aerial displays, perovskites, and tunable microlens arrays, as well as practical advances in manufacturing and metrology that will help you do your job better. This is your once-a-year opportunity to find out whatís happening in the field of displays.
By Jenny Donelan

Q&A: ID Interviews the Principals of IRYStec
By Jenny Donelan


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