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Hard copy for true three-dimensional images
You won't need special glasses to see the 3D image on page 13 - just a little practice and concentration. Our article covers all known techniques for producing 3D hard copy for aided and unaided viewing except for holography, which will be addressed next month.
By Larry F. Hodges, Shaun Love, and David F. McAllister

Applications of miniature CRT displays
The mini-CRTs that fit so neatly into pilots' helmets could revolutionize the way we see and work. Imagine a set of "visual headphones" for a typist or a surgeon's head-down display for monitoring a patient's vital functions during surgery.
By Jim E. Wurtz

1987 SID honors and awards
Meet some of the pioneers in display technology, the distinguished recipients of this year's honors and awards.


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Directory of the Display Industry
Nearly 300 companies are listed, first by product/service category, then alphabetically with full addresses, telephone/telex/fax numbers, sales contacts, and capsule descriptions.

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