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Here's to 50 Years of Display Technology - and 50 More
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Merck to Use Epson Ink Technology for Large OLED Displays
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Advances in Materials for Display Applications
By Ion Bita

Frontline Technology: Transparent Oxide Semiconductors for Advanced Display Applications

Amorphous oxide semiconductors continue to spark new technological developments in transparent electronics on a multitude of non-conventional substrates.  Applications range from high-frame-rate interactive displays with embedded imaging to flexible electronics, where speed and transparency are essential requirements.
By Arokia Nathan, Sungsik Lee, Sanghun Jeon, Ihun Song, and U-In Chung

Frontline Technology: Quantum-Dot Displays: Giving LCDs a Competitive Edge through Color

Quantum-dot technology is bringing wide color gamut to LCDs, giving them a leg up on another advantage that once belonged to OLEDs.
By Jian Chen, Veeral Hardev, and Jeff Yurek

Display Marketplace: Making Color in LCDs

Color filters play a key role in the balance between image quality and power consumption in LCDs.  With high resolution a key performance feature, and LCDs facing competition from OLEDs with superior color gamut, color-filter designs will need to continue to evolve.
By Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Characterization of 3-D Gray-to-Gray Crosstalk with a Matrix of Lightness Differences

Stereoscopic televisions, which are mainly striped-retarder displays with passive glasses or time-sequential displays with active glasses, are emerging in the consumer market. 3-D corsstalk is an important characteristic that defines the quality of these displays.  A new crosstalk metric is proposed that uses an intuitive matrix representation with perceptually relevant lightness-difference values instead of the single percentage value that is often used.
By Hans Van Parys, Kees Teunissen, and Aleksandar Sevo

Q&A: A Conversation with the People Behind the IDMS

The Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS) represents years of work by many individuals in the display industry who form the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM).  The standard would not exist in its present form, however, without the contributions of ICDM committee chair Joe Miseli and IDMS Editor Ed Kelley.  Both Miseli and Kelley recently described the challenges and highlights of the process.
By Jenny Donelan

SID News

SID Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary
By Larry Weber