Upcoming Event: LatinDisplay 2012, November 26–30

Putting on a display event in the geographically and economically diverse market of Latin America requires a collaborative effort from a wide range of sources. This year's LatinDisplay/IDRC is organized by the Society for Information Display, SID's Latin American Chapter, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Associação Brasileira de Informatica (ABINFO), and Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer (CTI). It is sponsored by Brazilian funding agencies and the Brazilian government.

LatinDisplay 2012 will take place at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, Brazil, on November 26–30 and will include a scientific and technical symposium; a panel discussion; an exhibition; business meetings; the DisplayEscola (Display School); meetings of the LTN SID Chapter, BrDisplay Network, and Ibero American Display Network; and more. Last year's event featured nearly 200 symposium papers. LatinDisplay is the premier Latin American event for displays and related technologies and plays a key role in developing display technology and the display industry in South America and in Brazil in particular.

"LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 is bringing scientists from all over the world to present the latest advances in displays to stimulate new research and business relationships and to encourage those new to the field. Our univer-sity is honored to host this important event," says Prof. Dr. Benedito Aguiar, the Rector of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and the General Chairman of LatinDisplay/IDRC 2012.

"LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 is an important tool for supporting the Brazilian Industrial Policy of the Federal Government for displays and related technologies," says Dr. Victor P. Mammana, the Director of CTI and Co-Chairman of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012.

For more information and to register for LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012, visit: http://www.abinfo.com.br/latindisplay or contact General Chairman Benedito Aguiar at reitor@mackenzie.br or Co Chairman Victor Pellegrini Mammana at victor.mammana@cti. gov.br or latindisplay2012@abinfo.com.br or the Organizing Committee at latindisplay2012@abinfo.com.br. •