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Finding Balance When Commitments Heat Up
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Amazon Buys Liquavista
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Tablets' High Performance Sends Them Off to Work
By Russel M. Martin

Frontline Technology: Natural and Intuitive User Interfaces with Perceptual Computing Technologies

The ways we interface and interact with computing, communications, and entertainment devices are changing. A transition to natural and intuitive user interfaces promises to usher in a new class of exciting and immersive applications and user experiences.
By Achintya K. Bhowmik

Frontline Technology: Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out

Smartphones and tablets represent a new class of displays with requirements different from that of TVs and monitors. Here is where manufacturers are – and are not – meeting the challenges of ambient light and other considerations.
By Raymond M. Soneira

Frontline Technology: Tablets and Other Handheld Display Devices for Medical Imaging: An Image-Quality Perspective

A research team predicts that the next generation of handheld displays will enable on-demand medical diagnostics – available anywhere, anytime.
By Aldo Badano, Asumi Yamazaki, Peter Liu, and Wei-Chung Cheng

SID News

Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium Celebrates 20th Anniversary
By Jenny Donelan

Venture Capital Series: Part I: Start-up Fundamentals

A game-changing idea is only one of the ingredients you will need to launch a successful new business. Without the right team and a commitment to ongoing fundraising, your brilliant new venture will founder. This article is the first of four in a series by a venture capital expert who has both launched and funded new companies.
By Helge Seetzen

Making Displays Work for You: Direct-Dry-Film Optical Bonding: Finding New Applications

Originally developed for avionics and military displays, Direct-Dry-Film (DDF) optical bonding is now moving into industrial and consumer applications such as touch screens, TVs, smartphones, tablets, digital signage, and medical imaging.
By Birendra Bahadur, James D. Sampica, Joseph L. Tchon, and Vince P. Marzen

Display Marketplace: New Transparent Conductors Take on ITO for Touch-Screen and Display Applications

Indium tin oxide (ITO), a transparent conductor, has been a staple of flat-panel display manufacturing for decades and has been in great demand from the growing touch-screen industry. Limitations of cost and performance, as well as concerns over availability, have led to the search for a replacement material. Several candidates exist or are in development, but none have yet gained the scale to displace ITO.
By Paul Semenza

Opinion: ITO Replacement Market Will Grow to $4 Billion by 2020

An industry analyst is optimistic about the market for new types of transparent conductors.
By Jennifer Colegrove

Regional Business Review: The North American Display Business Environment

This article, the first in an occasional series that looks at business environments around the world, describes the historical, economic, and other conditions that affect display companies doing business in North America.
By Jenny Donelan