Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium Celebrates 20th Anniversary

SID’s Metro-Detroit Chapter will present its 20th annual Symposium on Vehicle Displays & Interfaces October 10 and 11 at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The Detroit Chapter, with physical roots in the center of U.S. automotive manufacturing, sponsors this symposium to bring together scientists and engineers from the display, photonics, human–machine interface (HMI), and vehicle systems communities.

The Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Symposium is an essential event for anyone wishing to understand the ongoing evolution of displays and interfaces in vehicles (a short history appears at Americas/metrodetroit/history.aspx).  This year, papers will be presented on the auto-motive market, vehicle displays and lighting, human/vehicle interfaces, advanced display technology for vehicles, and other vital topics for automotive HMI design.  New for 2013 is a poster session on HMI technology and applications, with an emphasis on student and university work.

Last year’s Symposium celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Detroit Chapter (Fig. 1–3).  It was sponsored by Continental, DENSO, and Yazaki.  This year’s event will offer (in addition to the technical presentations), tutorials, an exhibition, keynotes by automotive industry notables, and more.  For information, see:

– Jenny Donelan

Fig. 1:  Participants at least year’s symposium take in a tutorial titled “Behind The Scenes – Cadillac Cue Design” by Mike Hichme, senior manager at GM Design.


Fig. 2:  Another highlight of last year’s symposium was a panel discussion on “How to Achieve High Performance Low Power Automotive Display Systems.”  Pictured are Jason Thompson (Texas Instruments) at the lectern and, from left: Mark Larry (Ford), Silviu Pala (DENSO), Nick Colaneri (ASU), Alban Lescure (Microvision), and Bruce Dinda (Kyocera).


Fig. 3:  Continental’s 2012 exhibit featured integrated display technology.