ID Archive: 2002

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The Rising Tide of Bistable-Display Development
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
It's Lights Out for U.S. Displays
By David Mentley

Making Sure Bigger Is Better
The much larger scale of Gens 5 and 6 motherglass demands not only improved panel testing, but a new approach.
By Russell J. Dover

Laser Cutting Comes Closer
The "light way" may be the right way to cut and mark FPD glass, and recent advances are improving the chances of a major roll-out for laser cutting.
By Brian L. Hoekstra and Sri Venkat

Can Anyone Profit from Selling Wall TVs?
Forecasts do not predict a PDP price that will both generate enough volume to absorb projected capacity and allow m.anufacturers to make a profit.
By Tom Holzel

Taipei Hosts IDMC for the First Time
OLED inventor Ching Tang, BenQ, AU Optronics CEO K. Y Lee, and Taiwan Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Yen-Shiang Shih to deliver keynotes at IDMC '03.
By Han-Ping D. Shieh

SID News
SID announces new SID Senior Member Grade.

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In Search of Pizzazz
By David Liebennan

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