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Some Thoughts on the Future of Television

An Experimental TV Display Using a Gas-Discharge Flat Panel
Discussion of making a gas-discharge TV receiver with a screen area greater than that of a conventional CRT.
By Hiroaki Ikeda, Tetsuo Sakai, lwao Ohishi & Teruo Hirashima

The Halftone Response of Electrical Recording Storage Tubes
Storage tubes have a reputation for poor gray level rendition states the author. At best, in the past, tubes have yielded four or five distinguishable gray levels.
By. R. A. Davidson

Whither Television
Introductory remarks preceded a panel discussion of the future of television.
By Joseph Markin

New Skylab Display Consoles

Improved Memory Tube for Alphanumeric, Graphics and Frame Freezer Applications
Description of a target structure for a new input-output storage tube, citing choices of materials, and their advantages.
By K. R. Hesse

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