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Dual image detectors provide Hi-Res TV display
A solid state TV camera has been developed that uses two interline-transfer (ILT) CCD image detectors to provide twice the horizontal resolution (1020 horizontal pixels, 750 TVUPH) of a single CCD sensor; and full vertical resolution (480 TVL).
By Thomas H. Traynor, Fairchild Weston Systems, Inc. Syosett. NY.

Color CRTs display Hi-Res technology
Much of the technology employed in Hi-Res CRTs is common to both monochrome and color displays. But, because color exhibits the most dynamic growth area in Hi-Res displays today, this article examines the technical differences facing designers of color high-resolution CRT displays.
By Carlo Infante, Mgr, Advanced Displays, Kaiser Electronics, San Jose, CA.

Miniature CRTs meet high performance specs
Where low bulk and high portability, coupled with a need for fine image detail, are important display parameters, high performance miniature CRTs are meeting the requirements.
By J.E. Wurtz, Sr. Applications Engineer, Litton Industries, Tempe, AZ.