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Touch technology: variety of systems spur maturity
The need for a simpler, more direct means of entering data into today's computers, and then accessing their enhanced capabilities, has stirred up considerable interest in touchsensitive technologies - with a number of systems vying for broad recognition.
By Arthur B. Carroll, CEO, Carroll Touch Inc., Round Rock, TX.

Are video displays a health hazard?
The widespread introduction of VDTs in the workplace has produced impressively few problems to date, yet the VDT radiation health hazard controversy will undoubtedly be with us for some time to come - according to conferees at the International Work With Display Units Conference held in Stockholm, Sweden last May.
By The Koffler Group, Santa Monica, CA.

Processing system extends life of flat-panel displays
An automated system that processes up to 40 gas plasma display panels at a time is successfully producing units having an operational life of up to 1200 hours - over 700 hours more than from conventional gas plasma panel construction.
By Helium Leak Testing Inc., Northridge, CA.