Products on Display at Display Week 2011

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff


THE SID 2011 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2011) will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, the week of May 15. For 3 days, May 17–19, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Santa Paula, CA 877/622-7472
Booth 1206

Chemically Strengthened Thin Glass

Abrisa Technologies has chemically strengthened thin glass per ASTM 1422 processing and ASTM C 158 testing. This process does not affect the optical quality of the glass, making it an ideal solution for display-panel and touch-screen applications. The process can make glass up to 8 times stronger than annealed float glass. This strengthening process works well for soda-lime glass or other thin glass having a high sodium oxide content and a thickness of less than 3 mm and can be performed on glass substrates of up to 28 x 36 in. Strengthened glass improves transmission, provides greater impact strength, is scratch and abrasion resistance, and increases bending strength and temperature stability.



Tokyo, Japan +81-3-3218-5370
Booth 506

Chemically Strengthened Specialized Glass

Chemically strengthened Dragontrail is six times stronger than conventional soda-lime glass, highly resistant to scratches, and features a beautiful pristine finish compared with resin. Dragontrail, developed from market-proven raw glass for chemical strengthening, is free of environmentally harmful materials such as arsenic, lead, and antimony. AGC uses a highly efficient float process to manufacture Dragontrail by utilizing the company's extensive technical expertise in producing specialized glass for electronics acquired through manufacturing TFT glass substrates. The superior production efficiency of this manufacturing process ensures a stable supply of cover glass for the growing global mobile-device market.



Tully, NY 315/696-6676
Booth 1331

Advanced LED Drivers

Applied Concepts, Inc., (ACI) introduces advanced LED driver features for its full line of I-Drive LED drivers, offered both for ACI's Radiance Sunlight-Readable Displays as well for OEM LED-backlit LCDs. This cutting-edge technology showcases the following capabilities: (1) User downloadable features allow customizations of LED driver software including dimming curves (linear or logarithmic), button vs. analog dimming control, and ambient light sensing. (2) Black-box data storage of voltage and current, LED driver temperature, configuration code, and hours of operation for diagnostic and failure-mode analysis. Mixed-mode dimming (amplitude/PWM) supports ultra-wide dimming requirements (50,000:1).



Chanhassen, MN 1-800-949-4021
Booth 1634

Multi-Touch Technology

Bergquist has ruggedized multi-touch for military and harsh-environment applications. Adding multi-touch technology to ruggedized applications increases usability. Bergquist offers not only great durability that meets MIL and IP requirements, but also the flexibility to choose underlying touch technology. Bergquist is a full solutions touch-screen provider, with options including EMI, polarizer, optical bonding, and many more. Bergquist products are domestically designed, built, and supported.



Oakdale, MN 651/393-1106
Booth 1427

Transparent Conductive Film

Electronic-display manufacturers searching for ITO alternatives can look no further than the new FLEXX product line which addresses flexibility, durability, and affordability issues associated with ITO films. By employing precision roll-to-roll coating, FLEXX features a patented silver nanowire technology allowing exceptional conductance and superior optical performance. FLEXX is offered at 100 and 300 Ω/ with optional hardcoat, FLEXX target touch panels, OLED lighting, and flexible displays. FLEXX overcomes the drawbacks of ITO including brittleness, high cost, low durability, and price/supply swings. In touch-panel processing, it allows shortened annealing times, with etching using standard wet and dry methods on existing equipment.



Irvine, CA 949/421-0355
Booth 746

3-D Pattern Generator

The Chroma 22294 3-D pattern generator is a 3-D multi-functional generator that complies with HDMI v1.4 standards for 3-D testing applications. It has high-resolution test quality and three HDMI output support that meets the test requirements for multimedia display industries such as LCD monitors, LCD TVs, PDPs, and projectors for today and in the future.



Corning, NY 607/974-7557
Booth 825

Damage-Resistant Cover Glass

Corning Gorilla® Glass is a damage-resistant cover glass that protects today's most sophisticated electronic devices from the scratches, drops, and bumps of everyday use. Elegant and lightweight, Gorilla Glass is durable enough to resist many real-world events that commonly cause glass failure, enabling exciting new applications in technology and design. Exceptionally thin, Gorilla Glass enables high sensitivity and accurate responses for the most sophisticated touch technology. And it is tough enough to handle the ongoing contact intrinsic to these devices. Corning Gorilla Glass is currently featured on hundreds of smart phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.



San Jose, CA 510/290-0807
Booth 1129

Projected-Capacitive Touch Screen

Cypress Semiconductor, a leader in capacitive touch sensing, is revolutionizing the touch-screen market with TrueTouch projected-capacitive solutions for screens up to 14 in. Powered by Cypress's PSoC® technology, TrueTouch offers unmatched flexibility and reliability, low power consumption, and legendary noise immunity as well as last-minute design flexibility. TrueTouch precisely tracks more than 10 fingers on a screen simultaneously, supporting all forms of gestures and innovative gaming functions. It also supports advanced technologies including hover, stylus, and proximity detection along with water rejection. Cypress design wins include products from Acer, Samsung, Fujitsu, HTC, Garmin, HP, and many more.


Morgan Hill, CA 408/782-7773
Booth 961

LCD Controllers

The new ALR-1920 is the latest model in the ALR series of compact, multi-purpose LCD controllers by Digital View. It provides three market-leading video interfaces: VGA, HMDI, and DisplayPort and will support LCD panels from VGA (640 x 480) up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution. It is compatible with over 700 LCD panels from all major manufacturers. Audio support is provided for HDMI, DisplayPort, and (optional) Digital View HD/3G-SDI interfaces. The ALR-1920 accepts either 12- or 24-input and offers full control via RS-232. Digital Views proven controller technology ensures high reliability with an MTBF rating > 200,000 hours and a 3-year warranty.



Doylestown, PA 215/348-5010
Booth 1045

Transparent Heaters

Dontech's Therma Klear Flex Series of thin flexible transparent heaters extend the lower thermal range of LCDs, touch screens, optical sensors, and camera windows used in outdoor, military, or avionic applications. They are used for anti-fog and anti-icing applications. Therma Klear Flex heaters are constructed utilizing Dontech's VC Series visually transparent conductive coatings applied to flexible optical-grade polyester. The conductive coatings are single- or multiple-layered sputtered thin-film coatings with a resistance from 5 to 200 Ω/. The heaters are typically 0.007 in. thick, and with dielectric enhancements the light transmission of Therma Klear Flex heaters can exceed 90%.



Research Triangle Park, NC 919/248-5707
Booth 1135

OLED materials

DuPont Displays has developed a full set of OLED materials and solution-processing technology to enable cost-effective manufacturing of OLED displays. The photo shows a 4.3-in.-diagonal 128-ppi display that is being featured at Display Week. It was made by nozzle printing using DuPont OLED materials.



Cambridge, MA 617/499-6000
Booth 727

Sunlight-Readable Color eReaders

E Ink Triton enables color ePaper solutions, enhancing the visual experience for ePublishing markets such as eBooks, eNewspapers, eMagazines, and eTextbooks. Triton delivers enhanced readability, improved speed, and the lowest power of any reflective display on the market. In addition to 16 levels of gray scale, Triton is capable of displaying thousands of colors. And just like E Ink's gray-scale ePaper products, Triton's crisp text and detailed color graphics are fully viewable in direct sunlight.



Burlington, MA 781/425-5260
Booth 1205

PolyTouchTM Capacitive Touch Series

As the demand for advanced user interfaces continues to evolve, EDT is proud to present its newest innovation in capacitive touch technologies. EDT is introducing the EDT PolyTouchTM capacitive touch solution, an alternative to touch sensory design that is both easy to implement and highly reliable. Unlike conventional resistive panels, EDT PolyTouchTM technology utilizes unique structural design that omits the need for sensory film, allowing a much more durable composition and wider operating environments.



Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 1319

LED Drivers

Display-power-supply specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) has developed new LED driver package configurations that offer footprint compatibility with existing CCFL inverter designs. The new DR series is designed in the same form factor as DC–AC inverters already in the field. These drop-in replace-ments allow for a fast, easy upgrade to LED lighting without re-designing or re-tooling the mounting hardware. The LED drivers are pin-for-pin compatible with the inverters and have the same length and width dimensions as their counterparts, as well as matching input connects and mounting holes.



Reno, NV 415/279-8293
Booth 1539

3D Color Video Processor

eeColor is the world's first and only 3D multi-dimensional color video technology with the capability of full modeling of color space, device characteristics, viewing environment, visual perception, and adaptation. This patent-pending technology is available in the HDMI plug-and-play TruVue eeColor Processor. Over the past decade, technology and image rendering has progressed for televisions and video displays. However, digital color standards have not changed since the 1970s and color quality has remained unchanged. The color gamut of most modern devices extends beyond these current standards. The TruVue eeColor Processor takes advantage of that increased color capability to improve the viewing experience for any display.



Clarksburg, WV 216/447-8498
Booth 741

Anti-glare glass

EuropTec will feature EagleEtch® and EagleEtch Plus anti-glare glass. The subtractive etching process makes the glass ideal for high-resolution applications in adverse conditions that require the best in anti-glare properties, low sparkle, low haze, and improved clarity. EagleEtch® glass is unmatched for tight gloss control, ultra-high resolution, consistency of the etched surface, and very low sparkle. Unlike coatings or spray-on solutions, EagleEtch® offers durability in the harshest environments. EagleEtch Plus includes an anti-reflective coating giving the glass the lowest possible reflection and light diffusion.



Morrisville, NC 919/455-3175
Booth 1057

Force-Based Touch Technology

F-Origin is the developer of the "force-based" proprietary touch technology zTouch which not only registers touch coordinates but also the added input dimension force amplitude. zTouch employs virtually any type of rigid input and lens material for unequalled system-design flexibility, robustness, and reliability. Other benefits of zTouch include its ability to register touches from any item, for even more flexibility. This makes zTouch ideal for applications that require wear-resistance and any touch input, such as medical systems, appliances, ATMs, kiosks, POS/POI units, etc.



Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 1241

Ink-Jet Deposition System

FUJIFILM Dimatix has developed an R&D printer, the DMP-3000, to complement its existing DMP-2831 to aid industrial and university laboratories in making breakthroughs in materials science for display fabrication techniques using solution chemistry and ink-jet printing. Successfully meeting major design specifications, the DMP-3000 is an ink-jet deposition system that is capable of printing a wide range of inorganic, organic, and hybrid functional fluids from both experimental cartridge-based printheads with small volumes and high-performance printheads appropriate for industrial and high-throughput applications. It is easy-to-use which allows new products to enter the market more rapidly for displays, wearable electronics, and flexible circuits.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/745-4900
Booth 942

Windows-7-Certified Resistive Multi-Input Touch Panels

The FID1530 is the only Windows-7-certified, resistive, multi-input touch panel series available as a standard product. These touch panels register single-tap, multi-touch input (pinch, pull, rotate, flick, swipe, and scroll gestures) and handwriting, using any object, such as a gloved or bare finger, pen cap, or the corner of a credit card. They feature high accuracy, fast tracking, consistent inking, low-power consumption, and are available with a light-touch force option. A single-axis compact flex tail simplifies mechanical design, offers improved reliability, and reduces potential EMI and ESD effects.



Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 1413

Highly Efficient LED-Based Edge Lighting

GLT offers highly efficient LED-based edge lighting technology, providing the slimmest, most efficient and cost-effective backlighting and general illumination solutions available. GLT's unique light-extraction features and high-volume, cost-efficient manufacturing processes at four locations worldwide create extremely thin, highly efficient light guides that can be custom designed for a wide variety of applications and sizes.



Seattle, WA 206/301-1178
Booth 858

Optical Bonding

The part pictured in the photo is for an agriculture-industry customer who needed a unit suitable for harsh conditions. The unit includes a 5-wire resistive touch screen, a 10.4-in. TFT-LCD, and molded and painted bezels. GM Nameplate provides the complete interface – assembled, tested, and ready for installation. Custom automated inspection capability was developed to test the unit after optical bonding, as the unit can be salvaged and reworked. Optical bonding enhances impact resistance, improves sunlight readability, clarity, contrast ratio and condensation resistance.



Orlando, FL 407/422-3171
Booth 1300

Night-Vision-Display Test and Measurement System

The OL 770-NVS night-vision display test and measurement system offers a complete solution for the measurement of NVG-compatible lighting and displays. The system features multi-channel detection for ultra-fast measurements while exceeding all MIL-L-85762A Appendix B requirements. It is portable and lightweight and offers a choice of measurement modes. The software is capable of all calculations currently required and is easily extended to new requirements. Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word provides powerful extensions to data collecting and reporting. The Windows 2000/XP compatible software allows for turnkey automated operation.



Jiangsu, P.R. China +86-512-6956 x1804
Booth 1615

Electronic shelf labels

Halation ESL has developed Whiteon technology, which replaces the paper price tags used in the retail industry, featuring black and white paper-like reading performance; no power consumption to keep static information; high reflectivity without the use of a polarizer or backlighting; and a dot-matrix display that is easy for showing 1D or 2D barcodes, any fonts, flexible design of display composition, etc; flexible custom design in resolution and pixel size; easy to integrate into current in-store marketing solutions; wireless compatibility; and long life.



Boulder, CO 303/444-4608
Booth 1405

Liquid-Crystal Tester

Instec's ALCT Automatic Liquid Crystal Tester (ALCT) measures a wide range of parameters for LCDs or LC materials, including ion impurities, VHR, RDC, resistivity, rotational viscosity, elastic constants, dielectric constants, turn-on and turn-off response time, VTcurves, and Δn. The ALCT can simultaneously measure up to eight samples with the eight-channel IVM option. Ion measurement for real TFT panels is also available. A high-precision temperature-control LCD panel or cell is also available. The thermal plate could be as large as 800 x 1000 mm.



Austin, TX 512/297-6750
Booth 744

Shielded one-piece connector

EvaFlex5 is currently used in the mass production of new television sets as a high-data-rate (graphics) transmission bridge because the solution provides the best transmission performance for the lowest cost. Historically, a two-piece connector solution was necessary, whereas EvaFlex5 (41p and 51p) is a shielded one-piece connector solution which is a valuable cost reduction, and the PCB footprint pattern is compatible with the JAE-type FI-RE or the I-PEX Cabline-TL connectors.



Santa Clara, CA 650/585-2195
Booth 952

IR Touch Screens

IRTOUCH Systems will showcase their infrared touch-screen product series with newly introduced design capabilities including gesture support and solar-immunity enhancement for outdoor applications. The slim-profile infrared touch screens can be easily integrated into LCDs with sizes ranging from 6.4 to over 120 in. The robust infrared touch-screen technology offers high resolution with superior optical clarity, scratch-free, drift-free, shock-resistance touch solutions. It is ideal for rugged and demanding environments. These touch screens allow glove/hand/any object activation and generally yield much longer product lifetime. The infrared touch offers ideal support for POS, ATM, industrial control, kiosks, digital signage, medical, gaming, in-vehicle displays, and marine or aerospace applications.



Carson, CA 310/522-5911
Booth 1503

Conductive Polymer Coating

Kimoto Tech is proud to introduce a conductive polymer coating to its line of custom coating options. Conductive film has been developed for applications requiring a combination of lower conductive resistivity, good water resistivity, and superior flex life, such as for flexible-display applications. Kimoto's surface engineering technology adds benefits to flexible conductive film such as consistent glossy/anti-glare surface, hard coated/ scratch resistant surface, and attractive appearance.



Westborough, MA 508/870-5959
Booth 1502

Smallest VGA Display

Kopin's new CyberDisplay® VGA LCD, with a 0.26-in.-diagonal image area, is the smallest color VGA display (640 x 480 resolution) in the LCD industry. Compared with Kopin's commercially available VGA display (0.44-in.-diagonal and consuming ~100 mW), the new VGA LCD has a 65% smaller area and consumes less than 10 mW of power. The CyberDisplay VGA LCD exhibits remarkably sharp color images and is targeted for video eyewear and viewfinder applications.



Somers, CT 860/749-6400
Booth 1259

Optical and Micromaching Systems

Kugler will feature optical and micromachining systems that combine optical, micromechanical, and laser micromachining tools, including fly-cutters for optical and structured surfaces in master templates and drum-turning tools for structured optical foil replication. Kugler's five-axis milling center provides micromachining of suitable metals, resulting in high optical surface quality. MICROGANTRY® or MICROMASTER® machine tools used for aerostatic or hydrostatic bearing concepts are offered in several configurations. Large-surface-area optical fly-cutting and micro-structuring of optical surfaces using micromachine tools or a laser can be performed by using Kugler micromachining systems.



Littleton, MA 978/486-0766
Booth 1201

3-D Opto-Mechanical Software

Lambda Research Corp. provides optical and illumination design software and hardware. The TracePro® 3D opto-mechanical software is differentiated by its ease of use, CAD interface, and accuracy in illumination design. The TracePro Bridge is a fully integrated seamless add-on for Solidworks. Lambda also distributes the ScatterMaster ScatterScope3D scatterometer for fast and accurate surface measurement and the Opsira line of metrology systems for both display and LED measurement, including goniometers and luminaire test systems.



New Taipei, Taiwan +31-4025-90100
Booth 1535

Digital Signage Displays

Litemax will feature the SPANPIXEL series of digital-signage displays having specific ratios for digital-signage applications. The series features new LED-backlit LCD panels with specific aspect ratios. The displays come in sizes from 15 to 39 in. on the diagonal and are sunlight readable. SPANPIXEL displays can display high-quality video with efficient power when incorporated with the AD control board and are used in public transportation systems, exhibition halls, department stores, and vending machines.



Garden Grove, CA 714/898-8121
Booth 801

High-Performance LED Backlight Driver

Microsemi's new LX27900 global dimming LED backlight driver delivers a 7–9% improvement in backlight efficiency versus conventional current-source-based backlight drivers. By applying a reactive balancing technique first pioneered by Microsemi for CCFL backlighting, the LX27900 greatly improves efficiency by allowing non-dissipative current balancing between strings. By eliminating the need for an intermediate DC-DC regulator, the LX27900 allows further improvements in efficiency. The LX27900 also brings to market a new innovative non-dissipative dimming technology that has the added advantage of precise dimming at low brightness levels.



Palo Alto, CA 650/331-2100
Booth 759

Quantum-Dot Technology

Nanosys will feature their quantum-dot technology that creates a visual experience that is truer to reality by enabling LCDs to display about 50% more color than they can today. This means richer, more viscerally alive reds, a deeper palette of greens (the color the human eye literally sees more than any other color), and vivid blues.



Jiangsu, China +86-512-6289-6551
Booth 1528

Notebook Keyboard Backlight

Nicrotek will demonstrate illuminated keyboards for notebooks and netbooks in smaller and thinner shapes. Features include a slim light-guide plate (0.18T, 0.25T, 0.4T), large size, and rolling fabrication (for high efficiency).


Dallas, TX 214/343-5300
Booth 1242

Slot-Die Coating System

nTact will feature nRad, a small, low-cost, slot-die coating system built upon nTact's patented technology and engineered for use in R&D and pre-production environments. The nRad's simple yet flexible design provides accurate deposition of a wide range of materials for a variety of applications. The system is compatible with most standard glove boxes and laboratory benchtops in a standard configuration for processing 150- and 200-mm square substrates, with options for 150- and 200-mm wafers or panels up to A4 (210 x 300 mm) size.



Kfar Saba IL, Israel +972-9-799-616
Booth 1507


The N-trig DuoSense® solution provides a combined pen and true multi-touch interface that is changing how we interact with our computing devices. DuoSense multi-touch capabilities enables the manipulation of items directly on the screen for up to four fingers and together with the pen functionality enables easy and efficient annotation. N-trig sets the stage for OEMs and ISVs to introduce new computer products and applications for an intuitive Hands-on® experience. DuoSense digitizers are easily integrated into existing technologies for all LCDs, and keep devices slim and light.



Dallas, TX 972/437-3888
Booth 955

Multi-Touch Projected-Capacitive Touch Panels

Ocular's Crystal Touch:Multi-Touch projected-capacitive touch panels give system designers the ability to combine the vibrant optical quality of a TFT display, the robust functionality of a true multi-touch panel, and the extreme durability of projected-capacitive technology required by demanding embedded applications. By utilizing Atmel maXTouch solutions, Crystal Touch:Multi-Touch allows for up to 10 simultaneous touch points, and the sophistication of maXTouch technology creates a smart interface that can ignore unintended touches. Crystal Touch:Multi-Touch panels are available in multiple sizes, give products a leading-edge look, and provide an ultra-rugged touch panel that can be used in a wide variety of applications.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416/978-6722
Booth 1548

P-Ink Alphanumeric Display Devices

Opalux will feature alphanumeric P-Ink display devices. The device shown in the accompanying photograph is sequentially switched to spell out "OPALUX" as shown under ambient office lighting conditions. The precisely defined green color of the switched areas was achieved by applying a controlled voltage to specific pixels. As can be seen, reflective colors are extremely bright and uniform.



Meadville, PA 814/333-2222
Booth 1305

Non-Birefringent MicroMesh

Optical Filters has expanded its range of EmiClare optical shielding products to include a non-birefringent MicroMesh for the electro-magnetic shielding of circular and linear polarized displays. This innovation provides consistent 60-dB shielding, no moiré fringing, and exceptional light transmission, making MicroMesh superior to conventional woven wire mesh or ITO coatings. It is ideal for sunlight-readable applications such as avionics or portable hand-held equipment.



Plymouth, MI 734/416-8500
Booth 1435

Automotive Displays

Optrex recently introduced Advanced Black Nematic (ABN) technology to the industrial marketplace. ABN was originally developed by Optrex to compete with vacuum-florescent-display (VFD) technology in automotive applications. It delivers superior performance over VFD with a true black background. This is accomplished by dramatically reducing light leakage. The result is very high contrast ratios up to 1000:1, super wide viewing angles, and minimal color shift. The first standard ABN product – C-55605GNFU-LW-AAN – is a 20 x 2 character display with 600 cd/m2 brightness, a contrast ratio of 550:1, and standard 8-bit parallel interface.


Chatsworth, CA 818/725-9750 x175
Booth 901


With eight measuring apertures, 1 x 10-6-fL luminance sensitivity, variable bandwidth (automated selection between 2, 4 and 8 nm), virtually non-existent polarization error (< 0.2%), 512 thermoelectrically cooled detectors, and over 67 years of expertise, the PR-740 is the most sensitive and fastest spectroradiometer offered by Photo Research. The PR-740 can measure 0.01 fL in just 3 sec, making production testing more productive!

Other features include a full-color touch-screen display; USB, Bluetooth, and RS232 interfaces; battery-powered operation; and SD-card storage. An extended version, the PR-745, covers a broader spectrum from 380 to 1080 nm.



Englishtown, NJ 732/792-1234
Booth 1160

LVDS Cable Assemblies

Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) has become a cornerstone in the digital-signage world. LVDS can be transmitted over distances ranging from a few inches up to several meters. Quadrangle Products has built a reputation for supporting customers with the prototyping stages of a design and continuing that support when a project reaches production. Quadrangle's engineering team will help to ensure that each cable design is best suited for each customer's unique application. Quadrangle also supports high-voltage backlight, inverter, FFC, FPC, and other various types of custom cables.



San Jose, CA 408/544-4212
Booth 707

A 7.9-mm-thick 55-in. 240-Hz FHD LED 3D TV

Samsung is one of the first to bring 3D, cinema-like quality viewing into the home. The unit is 55 in. on the diagonal and 7.9 mm thick, Samsung's 3D active glasses sync up with the TV display so that TV shows can be transformed to 3D in real time for the ultimate in "reality" TV. The state-of-the-art display offers 1920 x 1080 full-high-definition resolution (1080 horizontal lines) that creates exceptionally sharp details and crystal-clear, smooth motion for the brightest, boldest colors, and most realistic picture available.



San Diego, CA 858/278-7300
Booth 855

Ultra-bright sunlight-readable TFT-LCD modules

San Technology (Santek) will feature ultra-bright (sunlight-readable) TFT-LCD modules which utilize super-bright LED backlights and are readable under direct sunlight. Solving the issues concerning brightness and glare are two major factors because the sunlight absorbs much of the illumination from the backlight, and the contrast ratio is drastically lowered due to surface reflection. Santek's ultra-bright LCDs are ideal for use in any high-ambient-light condition and will provide the required intensity and brilliance.



Exton, PA 610/363-4195
Booth 948

Curable resins

The CN4000 series oleophobic exterior-grade ultraviolet and electron-beam-energy curable resins provide excellent protection for polyester, poly-carbonate, and acrylic films. Accelerated weathering testing proves the materials can take the abuse of a wide range of climates for top coating highly transparent films and glass. The low refractive index provides anti-reflective properties for inter-layer coating or adhesive, reducing the loss of light transmission between layers and the top coated surfaces while maintaining excellent physical and color stability.



sim4tec GmbH
Dresden, Germany +49-(0)-51-4466-499
German Pavilion, Booth 1019

OLED simulation software

sim4tec will introduce a brand new version of its OLED simulation software SimOLED®. It includes the module SimOLED® FITTING, a revolution in enabling electrical simulation. Organic material parameters such as HOMO, LUMO, and mobilities are of paramount importance for a compelling electrical OLED simulation. sim4tec is offering, for the first time, an innovative automated fitting software to generate physical organic material parameters based on simple experimental data such as I–V curves. In conjunction with the well-proven optical and electrical SimOLED modules, almost any OLED characteristics can be simulated.



Chula Vista, CA 619/216-6477
Booth 1449

Capacitive Touch Panel for Automotive Applications

SMK will introduce its latest projected-capacitive touch panel that meets the demand for multi-touch operations with a fully flat structure for automotive navigation systems and consoles. Features include meeting automotive high-heat operating and storage temperature requirements; a reflectance as low as 1.5% for improved visibility under direct sunlight; zero-force input for easy scrolling, flick, drag-and-drop, and multi-touch operations; the addition of a decorative film layer for a fully flat surface level with the housing; panel sizes from 6.1 to 8.0 in.; an operating temperature from –30 to +85°C; a storage temperature from –40 to +95°C; a typical transparency of 90% maximum; a typical reflectance of 1.5% minimum; and an input force of 0 N.



Shatin, NT, Hong Kong +852-2207-1552
Booth 1101

Capacitive touch-panel controller

The new SSD2533 is an all-in-one capacitive touch-panel controller from Solomon Systech that integrates power circuits, 23 driving and 41 sensing, into one single chip. It supports display panels up to 11 in. on the diagonal, full-high-definition resolution, with true multi-touch functionality. The SSD2533 has a DSP+MCU architecture that supports detection points for up to 10 fingers simultaneously. It embeds one 16-bit MCU and internal ROM/RAM to support gesture reporting such as zoom in/out and rotation. It also provides stronger noise immunity for both AC-VCOM and DC-VCOM TFT-LCDs.


Saint Louis, MO 314/674-1230
Booth 1208

Broadband Anti-Reflective Film

Available in both conductive and non-conductive versions, Flexvue AR Films offer less than 0.5% reflection and more than 94% light transmission. Anti-smudge properties can be incorporated into the film without compromising optical performance or 3H surface hardness. Flexvue anti-reflective films are the ideal solution to enhance the optical performance of mobile devices, automotive displays, digital signage, kiosks, and many other display applications.



Scottsdale, AZ 480/922-5344
Booth 735

Rigid-to-Rigid Panel Lamination Machine

Sun-Tec America will display the TMS-SA-P1 lamination machine for laminating rigid-to-rigid substrates for touch-panel and cover-glass lamination as well as film lamination. It can laminate substrate sizes from 10 to 22 in. Previous rigid-to-rigid lamination methods required lamination in a vacuum chamber to prevent trapping air between the panels being laminated. To solve this problem, Sun-Tec developed the TMS-SA-P1 that does not use a vacuum chamber reducing the floor space required and production costs. The TMS-SA-P1 maintains Sun-Tec's high-production standards and placement accuracy of 0.2 mm.



Chino, CA 909/590-5833
Booth 1513


Tianma Microelectronics will highlight one of its hottest products this year – the new 7-in. TFT WVGA (800 x 480) display with an LED backlight and an optional touch panel (TM070RDH12). This high-quality display is suitable for many application bases including consumer, medical, industrial, home automation, retail, and office-environment products.


San Jose, CA 408/526-2454
Booth 1119

Autostereoscopic high-definition display

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., will feature its 21-in. autostereoscopic high-definition display for use in next-generation 3D monitors. The new 21-in. display employs an integral imaging system (a so-called "light field" display) to reproduce a real object as a 3D image that can be viewed without glasses over a wide range of viewing angles. The integral imaging system offers a significant reduction in eye fatigue during long periods of viewing and features a multi-parallax design that enables motion parallax, which cannot be achieved by systems using glasses. The 21-in. display features low power usage and can be viewed in either a horizontal or vertical position.



Austin, TX 512/832-8292
Booth 1418

Customized Touch Screens

Building on a legacy of high-quality and lasting reliability, Touch International's industry leading touch screens use state-of-the-art technology and can be customized based on application requirements to ensure optimal performance. Showcasing its full line of touch screen and display-enhancement capabilities at Display Week 2011, Touch International will highlight its customized touch screen. From high-tech military systems navigating the battlefield, to point-of-sale displays streamlining retail sales, Touch International's touch panels are specifically designed and engineered to improve processes and increase productivity while satisfying strict regulatory standards.



Redwood City, CA 415/615-4940
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Touch Monitors

Touch Revolution's innovative projected-capacitive touch (P-Cap) products allow OEMs and system integrators to quickly and easily add a great touch interface to their products. As part of TPK Holding Co., Touch Revolution delivers state-of-the-art touch-screen products through the world's highest-capacity projected-capacitive manufacturing facilities. TRu touch monitors are a revolutionary line of desktop and open-frame projected-capacitive touch monitors from 15 to 32 in., designed for users to explore and free their imaginations in new ways.



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Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Film

Ultra-fine-pitch anisotropic conductive adhesive film with a fixed array of conductive particles has been developed and manufactured by Trillion Science. This novel ACF has demonstrated superb performance for a pitch less than 10 mm in LCD driver-IC bonding. Conductive particles are arranged in an array pattern, providing uniform contact resistance with reliable performance.



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Phosphorescent OLED Materials and Technology

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, award-winning UniversalPHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology enable manufacturers to produce OLEDs with dramatically higher power efficiency compared to conventional OLEDs and LCDs. Available in many colors, PHOLEDs offer excellent performance for displays and white lighting. Universal Display, a leading developer and licensor of OLED technologies, will also exhibit prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including FOLED® Flexible OLED, TOLED® Transparent OLED, and WOLED white OLED technologies.



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Bright Long-Life OLEDs

US Micro Products will feature new and improved OLEDs that demonstrate a 35% increase in life and a 66% increase in brightness. Process improvements in OLED manufacturing are providing design engineers with new options in OLED life and OLED brightness. US Micro Products now has available yellow OLEDs with the options of a life and brightness of 67,500 hours at 80 nits or a 45,000-hour half-life at 120 nits. White and blue OLEDs are also available with improved life and brightness. Standard off-the-shelf displays as well as custom solutions are available for a variety of applications.



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Adhesive Material and Optical Bonding

Via Optronics delivers various display solutions such as custom-designed ruggedized displays for industrial and military applications meeting stringent qualification and reliability standards or optical bonding services for all market segments to enable sunlight-readable displays. Via's core technology centers around our patented, proprietary, and commercially available Viabond adhesive material and MaxVuTM optical bonding processes. Working with any display, we can virtually eliminate major reflection points by combining anti-reflective treatments and index-matching bonding of a front panel, be it glass, a touch sensor, etc. In addition to the optical benefits, the resulting display stack-up is substantially more robust.



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Polymeric Materials

Wamco has developed a series of proprietary polymeric chemical formulations specifically designed to filter particular energy in the near-infrared and infrared region. These unique materials are manufactured using an innovative processes resulting in materials available in a broad array of thicknesses and sizes. It is marketed under the name SafeNight. SafeNight films are critical for those needing to filter AMLCDs in portable devices where touch compatibility still needs to be maintained. SafeNight materials not only allow for touch compatibility, including low surface friction, but are also compliant to MIL-STD-3009 and Secure Lighting recommendations, compatible with various types of optical coatings (AR, AG), compliant to FAA flammability requirements, and neutral in chromaticity.



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50-in. Projected-Capacitive Touch Screen

Zytronic, a leading developer of projected-capacitive-technology touch-screen products for public and industrial applications, is showcasing a 50-in. touch screen utilizing a ZYPROFILM® touch sensor coupled with its latest ZXY100/128 channel touch-sensor controller. The ZXY100/128 provides dual-touch output for linkage to multi-touch or gesture recognition software and Windows® 7 plug-and-play compatibility. It provides a platform for innovative touch functionality in large form/factor applications such as digital signage. The ZXY100/128 is fully compatible with all of Zytronic's PCT touch sensors, including large ZYBRID®, ZYTOUCH®, and flexible ZYFILM® and ZYPROFILM® sensors. •