Over the last several years, the SID office has been busily adding to its storehouse of electronically available and searchable technical literature. Many members have already had occasion to search for a JSID (Journal of the Society for Information Display) or another SID-related paper.

However, what many individuals may not know is that the Digests of past SID International Symposia are also available for members at no charge. These Digests go back as far as 1998, and the number of papers grows with each passing SID symposium.

Both the Journal of the SID and the SID International Symposium Digest of Technical Papers are fully indexed and available online as part of AIP's Scitation online fulfillment database. All SID members can download these articles free of charge using their regular SID login and password.

Furthermore, the following additional Digests from SID-sponsored conferences are also accessible in the SID Members Only area:

• ADEAC (Americas Display Engineering and Applications Conference): 2004–2006

• ADT (Advanced Display Technologies): 1997–1999, 2001–2002

• ASID (Asian Symposium on Information Display): 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007

• Asia Display: Various years, sometimes combined with other conferences

• Big Displays: 2007

• SID Business Conference: 2003–2009

• Color Imaging Conference: 1993–2002, 2007–2009

• DAC (Display Applications Conference): 2007

• IDMC (International Display Manufacturing Conference): 2000–2009

• IDRC (International Display Research Conference): 1997–2009

• IDW (International Display Workshops): 1999–2009

• IMID (International Meeting on Information Display): 2001–2010

• LA Chapter One-Day Symposium: 2006–2010

• Microdisplay Conference: 2000–2002

• Mobile Displays: 2006–2008

• Vehicle Displays: 1999–2010

The only requirement for unlimited access to all of this literature is a current SID membership. This makes available the world's most extensive repository of display-related technical literature, including Digests for SID-sponsored conferences that individuals may not have been able to attend in person.

Any individual whose SID membership has expired and wishes to renew it in order to take advantage of this important benefit should go towww.sid.org/members/membership.html and follow the instructions. For problems or questions, contact jenny@sid.org. •

Log-In Hints

To log in, do the following:

• Go to www.sid.org and click on Member Log-In.

• Enter your login and password and click "sign on."

• If you do not know or have forgotten your login and/or password, click the link: Reset My Password and your login and password will be sent to you.

Once logged in, use the link Search SID Publications, after which the custom Google search engine will come up. For much older documents, users can click on the link for the Pre-1998 Publications Search, which will provide a list of older articles available from the SID library. Contact SID headquarters to receive scanned copies of these articles. (For this service, there is a fee of $2.50 per page, even for members.)


This is the first in an occasional series on how Society for Information Display members can maximize the benefits of their membership.