The following papers appear in the January 2011 (Vol. 19/1) issue ofJSID
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Papers by Subject Categories

Active-Matrix Devices and Circuits

Amorphous-oxide TFT backplane for large-sized AMOLED TVs

Yeon Gon Mo, et al., Samsung Mobile Display, Korea

Cognitive and Interactive Displays and Systems

The technologies of in-cell optical touch panel with novel input functions

Kohei Tanaka, et al., Sharp Corp., Japan; Chris Brown, Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ltd., UK

Display Backlighting

A monolithic segmented functional light guide for 2-D dimming LCD backlight 

K. Käläntär, Leiz Advanced Technology, Japan

Novel LCDs with IR-sensitive backlights 

Kwonju Yi, et al., Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Japan

High-luminance and luminous-efficacy mercury-free flat fluorescent lamp (MFFL) with local-dimming functionality

Jae-Chul Jung, et al., Seoul National University, Korea

Electronic Paper

Bright e-skin technology and applications: Simplified gray-scale e-paper

K.-M. H. Lenssen, et al., Philips Research, The Netherlands

Flexible Displays and Electronics

High-performance organic–inorganic hybrid plastic substrate for flexible displays and electronics

Jia-Ming Liu, et al., ITRI, Taiwan

Improvement in image quality of a 5.8-in. OTFT-driven flexible AMOLED display

Yoshiki Nakajima, et al., Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK), Japan


A novel pixel memory using integrated voltage-loss-compensation (VLC) circuit for ultra-low-power TFT-LCDs 

Yoshimitsu Yamauchi, et al., Sharp Corp., Japan

LC Technology

Stability of liquid-crystal layers based on the analysis of the adsorption on the alignment-layer surface
Sejoon Oh, et al., Tohoku University, Japan


Device-dependent angular luminance enhancement and optical responses of organic light-emitting devices with a microlens-array film
Kuan-Yu Chen, et al., National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC; Jia-Rong Lin and Mao-Kuo Wei, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, ROC

Detailed analysis of exciton decay time change in organic light-emitting devices caused by optical effects

Saso Mladenovski, et al., Ghent University, The Netherlands; Sebastian Reineke, Technische Universität, Germany

A new wettability-control technique for fabricating color OLED panels by an ink-jet-printing method

Shigehiro Ueno, et al., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Japan


Surface characterization of MgO:Al,N films with meta-stable de-excitation spectroscopy and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Mikihiko Nishitani, Co-Operation Laboratory of Panasonic, Osaka University, Japan; Yukihiro Morita, et al., Co-Operation Laboratory of Panasonic, Osaka University, Japan, and the AVC Network, Panasonic Corp., Japan; Yasuhiro Yamauchi, et al., Image Devices Development Center, Panasonic Corp., Japan; Yasushi Yamauchi, National Institute of Material Science, Japan

Time-averaged spatial profile of Xe excitation efficiency in PDPs

Tomokazu Shiga, et al., The University of Electro-Communications, Japan; Gerrit Oversluizen, Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands

A reduction method of dynamic false contour utilizing the frame-rate-control method with suppression of the side effect on PDPs
Takatoshi Ohara, et al., Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan

Projection Displays and Systems

High-contrast front-projection system for large-screen displays suppressing reflection and diffusion of ambient light 

Ryota Sato, et al., Tohoku University, Japan

3-D Displays and Systems

Control of subjective depth on 3-D displays by a quantified monocular depth cue 

Shuichi Takahashi, et al., Sony Corp., Japan; Kazuya Matsubara, et al., Tohoku University, Japan