Get the Bigger Picture at Display Week 2011

Parallel conferences provide overview of display industry finance, marketing, and business trends

The Technical Symposium is the heart of Display Week. The products and prototypes on the exhibit floor are the excitement. And the parallel conferences help put it all into context. Display Week's Market Focus Conferences, Business Conference, and Investors Conference provide attendees with unique opportunities to learn more about the overall display landscape, including its marketing and financial trends. Each conference is run by experts in the field – analysts and investment specialists – who co-host their respective events with the Society for Information Display. Although it can be hard to fit in everything one wants to see and hear during Display Week, attending a market, business, or investors conference is essential in order to emerge from Display Week with a competitive edge. This information simply is not available anywhere else.

Market Focus Conferences

The Market Focus Conferences successfully debuted last year and will once again be held in conjunction with Display Week and in collaboration with IMS Research. The three conferences will focus on critical market-development issues in each of three technology areas: touch, green displays, and e-Books/ tablets.

The "Innovations in the Touch" conference provides an international forum for senior executives, technical managers, and marketing personnel from leading companies involved in touch technology to meet with other industry players and examine the market potential, technical barriers, and new opportunities of next-generation touch and interactivity.

With increasing legislation and environmental awareness, the need for low-power displays has become greater than ever. The "Green Displays" Conference will look at issues such as green-display legislation and its impact on display manufacturers, the transition to LED-backlit displays to reduce power consumption, semiconductor initiatives that reduce power consumption, innovations in fully recyclable displays with non-toxic components, and new technologies for reducing power consumption.

The "eBook/Tablet Market Evolution" conference will address the ramifications of the rapid growth of the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad, which represent two of the fastest growing markets in displays. Will these markets remain distinct or will they collide? This conference will examine the outlook for each of these markets and how their displays are likely to evolve, in terms of size, form factor, and much more. For more information,

Business Conference

DisplaySearch will once again organize the Business Conference to be held during Display Week. This year's conference will feature presentations from top executives of leading companies throughout the display supply chain. The sessions will be anchored by DisplaySearch analysts who will also present in-depth market and technology analysis, with their latest forecasts.

Sessions include:

• Economic Issues and Consumer Trends: What is the outlook for the global economy, and which are the fast- and slow-growing regions?

• Equipment and Manufacturing: What is the state of the art in flat-panel manufacturing equipment, materials, and manufacturing processes?

• Panel Production and Technology, including Regional Trends: How rapidly will panel production grow in China? Which regions will lose market share as China gains?

• Set-Making and Applications: How are the value chains for TVs, monitors, and notebook PCs, mobile devices, and other display systems shifting? How are devices such as e-book readers and tablet PCs changing demand?

• Emerging Technologies and Applications: What are the most promising new display technologies? How is TFT-LCD technology improving to meet the challenge of other technologies such as OLED and reflective technologies?

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Investors Conference

The Investors Conference is co-sponsored by Cowen & Co., LLC, a securities and investment banking firm. The conference will feature company presentations from leading public and private display companies and is intended to appeal primarily to securities analysts, portfolio managers, investors, M&A specialists, and display company executives. For further updates visit

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