The following papers appear in the June 2010 (Vol. 18/6) issue of JSID
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Development of rollable silicon thin-film-transistor backplanes utilizing a roll-to-roll continuous lamination process (pages 391–398)
Kazushige Takechi and Shinya Yamaguchi, Technology Research Associates for Advanced Display Materials (TRADIM), Japan; Hiroshi Tanabe and Setsuo Kaneko, NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd., Japan

A flexible OLED display with an OTFT backplane made by scalable manufacturing process (pages 399–404)
Mao Katsuhara, Iwao Yagi, Akira Yumoto, Makoto Noda, Nobukazu Hirai, Ryoichi Yasuda, Toshiki Moriwaki, Shinichi Ushikura, and Ayaka Imaoka, Flexible Display Development Group, Sony Corp., Japan; Tetsuo Urabe, and Kazumasa Nomoto, Display Device Development Group, Sony Corp., Japan

Cross-talk acceptability in natural still images for different (auto)stereoscopic display technologies(pages 405–414)
Lili Wang, Yan Tu, Li Chen, and Panpan Zhang, Southeast University, China; Kees Teunissen, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, The Netherlands; Ingrid Heynderickx, Philips Research Laboratories, and University Delft, The Netherlands

A multistable smectic-A liquid-crystal device with low threshold field (pages 415–420)
Hui-Yu Chen and Jhih-Sian Wu, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Single-cell-gap transflective liquid-crystal display and the use of photoalignment technology(pages 421–426)
Tao Du, Lishuang Yao, Vladimir G. Chigrinov, and Hoi-Sing Kwok, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

Effects of visual field, exposure time, and set size on icon search with varied delays using an LCD monitor (pages 427–433)
Kuo-Chen Huang, Wen-Te Chang, and Wan-Li Wei, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

A straightforward method of measuring MPRT using LC test cells (pages 434–444)
Beatiz Cerrolaza, Morton A. Geday, Xabier Quintana, and Jose M. Otón, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain; H. de Smet, ELIS-CMST, Ghent University, Belgium; J. J. Cerrolaza, Universidad Pública de Navara, Spain

SOM-based projection module for mobile displays (pages 445–453)
HaengSeok Yang, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea

FPC-free LCD panel with capacitive coupling for transmission of signals and power (pages 454–460)
Futoshi Furuta, Hiroshi Kageyama, Ken Takei, Mutsuko Hatano, Katsumi Matsumoto, Masahiro Maki, and Toshio Miyazawa, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan