The following papers appear in the February 2010 (Vol. 18/2) issue ofJSID
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Investigation of oil-motion non-uniformity in a reflective display based on electrowetting (pages 113–120)
Li Chen, Yan Tu, Lili Wang, Qianfen Li, Xin Yang, and Jun Xia, Southeast University, China; B. Johan Feenstra, Andrea Giraldo, and Nadin Rösler, Liquavista, The Netherlands

Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode using inverse-staggered poly-Si TFTs with a center-offset gated structure (pages 122–127)
Dong Han Kang, Mi Kyung Park, and Jin Jang, Kyung Hee University, Korea; Young Jin Chang, Jae Hwan Oh, Jae Beom Choi, and Chi Woo Kim, Samsung Mobile Display, Korea

Ultra-fast-switching flexoelectric liquid-crystal display with high contrast (pages 128–133)
Flynn Castles, Stephen M. Morris, Damian J. Gardiner, Qasim M. Malik, and Harry J. Coles, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Mechanism of image-sticking after long-term AC field driving of IPS mode (pages 134–140)
Yuichi Momoi, Kazuhiko Tamai, and Kaoru Furuta, LG Display Co., Ltd., Japan Laboratory, Japan; Tae-Rim Lee, Kyeong-Jin Kim, and Chang-Ho Oh, LG Display Co., Ltd., Korea; Tomonori Koda, Yamagata University, Japan

Super-high-resolution transfer printing for full-color OLED display patterning (pages 141–145)
Hongzheng Jin and James C. Sturm, Princeton University, U.S.A.

LED backlight driving system with local dimming and scanning driver IC (pages 146–152)
Ki-Chan Lee, Intersil Corp., USA; Kyoung-Uk Choi, Sang-Gil Lee, Yun-Jae Park, Hyun-Seok Ko, and Seung-Hwan Moon, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.; Brian H. Berkeley, Samsung Mobile Display, Korea

A reduced-voltage differential signaling (RVDS) interface for chip-on-glass TFT-LCD applications (pages 153–163)
Jung-Pil Lim, Donghoon Baek, Jae-Youl Lee, Yoon-Kyung Choi, and Myunghee Lee, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Korea

Parameters influencing exo-electron emission currents from MgO film of ACPDPs (pages 164–172)
Sang-Hoon Yoon, Heesun Yang, and Yong-Seog Kim, Hongik University, Korea

A high-contrast front-projection display system optimizing the projected light-angle range (pages 173–178)
Baku Katagiri, Masanobu Ooike, and Tatsuo Uchida, Tohuku University, Japan

Display motion blur: Comparison of measurement methods (pages 179–190)
Andrew B. Watson, NASA Ames Research Center, USA