The following papers appear in the November 2009 (Vol. 17/11) issue ofJSID
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A 65-in. slim (255-mm depth) laser TV with wide-angle projection optical system (pages 875–882)
Muneharu Kuwata, et al., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan; Eiich Toide and Takayuki Yanagisawa, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Kyoto Works, Japan; Syuhei Yamamoto and Yoshihito Hirano, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Information Technology R&D Center, Japan; Masahiro Usui and Shigenori Teramatsu, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., CA, USA; Jun Someya, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Advanced Technology R&D Center, Japan

Analysis of the driving characteristics for an ACPDP with an auxiliary electrode using the voltage-transfer closed surface (pages 883–890)
Seong Min Lee, et al., KAIST, Korea

Effect of slow display on detectability when browsing large image datasets (pages 891–896)
Aldo Badano, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Methods to reduce power dissipation and supply voltage of LCD drivers (pages 897–909)
Raghavasimhan Thirunarayanan and Temkar N. Ruckmongathan, Raman Research Institute, India

Retinal HDR images: Intraocular glare and object size (pages 913–920)
John J. McCann, McCann Imaging, USA; Alessandro Rizzi, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Memory-color segmentation and classification using class-specific eigenregions (pages 921–931)
Clément Fredembach, et al., Ecole Polytechnique Federic de Lausanne, Switzerland

Color-breakup evaluation of spatio-temporal color displays with two- and three-color fields (pages 933–940)
Erno H. A. Langendijk, et al., Philips Research Laboratories, The Netherlands

Carbon-nanotube film on plastic as transparent electrode for resistive touch screens (pages 943–948)
David S. Hecht, et al., Unidym Corp., USA

Mechanical integrity of touch-screen components (pages 949–954)
Konstantinos A. Sierros, West Virgina University, USA; Stephen N. Kukureka, University of Birmingham, UK

High-visibility 2-D/3-D LCD with HDDP arrangement and its optical characterization methods (pages 957–965)
Shin-ichi Uehara, et al., NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd., Japan

Roll-to-roll manufacturing of electronics on flexible substrates using self-aligned imprint lithography (SAIL)(pages 967–974)
Han-Jun Kim, et al., Phicot, Inc., USA; Frank Jeffrey, et al., PowerFilm, Inc., USA; Alison Chaiken, et al., Hewlett-Packard Co., USA

New electrode structure for reducing power consumption of PDPs (pages 975 –980)
Hae-Yoon Jung, et al., Seoul National University, Korea

Effect of gas pressure on permanent dark image sticking on a bright screen in AC plasma-display panels (pages 981–987)
Choon-Sang Park, et al., Kyungpook National University, Korea; Eun-Young Jung and Jeong-Chull Ahn, Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Korea