Products on Display at SID 2009

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff


THE SID 2009 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2009) will be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, the week of May 31. For 3 days, June 2–4, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.


Saint Paul, MN 651/733-3497
Booth 203

Brightness-enhancement film for notebooks

3M's newest notebook film – the Vikuiti Brightness-Enhancement Film (BEF-RP NB) – combines a reflective polarizer with a prism film that is only 225 μm thick. The film enables displays that are 90 μm thinner than using two separate films and also provides a wider viewing angle. Furthermore, the BEF-RP NB film reduces power consumption in backlights so it can be readily available for other uses, such as CPU power or extended battery life.



Glen Rock, PA 717/235-7979
Booth 652

Electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesives

Electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) from Adhesives Research are used in the electronic field for electrical interconnection and assembly, thermal management, EMI/RFI shielding and grounding, and static dissipation and control. The PSAs instantly provide a thin, uniform bond line to increase the functionality of products by delivering the required essential bonding and conductive properties. Easy-to-use PSA tapes may be customized by modifying the adhesive chemistry, forms and constructions, and adhesive thickness.



Tustin, CA 714/730-6728
Booth 618

Sunlight-readable touch panel

RayShine Photonics Corp., a pioneer in the field of optical technology, will introduce at SID 2009 its latest innovation in sunlight-readable technology: the DRT-TRIO Touch and 4H polarizer. The DRT-TRIO Touch, based on the RT-TRIO Touch (sunlight-readable touch panel) from RayShine, offers unparalleled sunlight-readable performance (£4% reflection) and great durability, being impervious to flames, dirt, water, chemical solvents, and fingerprints, with a surface hardness of up to 7H. The durability of the 4H polarizer makes it suitable for almost any rugged outdoor environment, and it is compatible with most LCD sizes.



North Attleboro, MA 508/699-0249
Booth 314

Sunlight-readable LED-backlight kits

AED's LED Backlight Kits upgrade existing CCFL backlit LCD panels to high-efficiency high-brightness sunlight-readable displays. For example, a 12.1-in. LCD panel at 1200 nits with 10 W of power can be increased to 1600 nits with 15 W of power and up to 2200 nits with 24 W of power. No active cooling is required up to 1600 nits. Also in production are 15- and 19-in. LCD panel kits with more sizes available on request.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-2664-8138
Booth 682

Multi-touch solutions

AMT will feature two multiple-touch solutions: one involves resistive technology and the other capacitive technology. The resistive multiple-touch solution is the AMT MF (Multi-Finger) touch screen driven by the PenMount controller board/IC chip and its in-house developed driver. The MF touch screen is capable of supporting up to 12 finger touches simultaneously on one single touch screen. This previously inconceivable concept of multiple touches on a resistive touch screen is now a reality. The MF touch screen, designable from 3 to 22 in. on the diagonal, is most in demand from the industrial sector with applications requiring touch functions that allow more than one finger touch for safety and confirmation purposes. The capacitive multiple-touch solution is the projected capacitive type supported by the PenMount controller and driver. AMT's capacitive multiple-touch solution is designable from 3 to 15 in. on the diagonal and allows for two-finger touch with gesture recognition supported.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/215-7338
Booth 245

Haptic acutuators

Artificial Muscle's new smartTOUCH haptic actuators revolutionize tactile feedback and vibratory applications by enabling a whole new world of alternatives to traditional actuator technologies. The smartTOUCH SDS-100 Development System provides programmable control over the "fidelity" of the haptics signal and includes a sample selection of waveform types with variable frequency, duration, and amplitude as well as pre-loaded applications. The SDS-100 enables programming of haptics effects into products ranging from the latest handheld multimedia devices to medical instrumentation displays to toys offering a wide dynamic range of configurable localized haptics effects. Shielded flat Cables for LVDS displays also available.



Schaumburg, IL 972/516-2966
Booth 464

LVDS shielded flat cables

Axon' Cable is offering LVDS shielded flat cables with a pitch of 1.00 mm, consisting of a 100-Ω flat flexible cable with 30 conductors in tin, copper, or gold plating, insulated with polyester tapes and terminated with FI-X connectors. Axon' also offers 0.50-mm-pitch 100-Ω shielded flat cables with 41 or 51 conductors terminated with connectors compatible with FI-R connectors. The LVDS shielded flat cables are an alternative to twisted pairs and miniature coaxial cable featuring lower cost and better performance (perfect 100-Ω impedance, better eye-pattern results). Equipped with appropriate connectors, the cables can work at up to 1 Gbit. The shielding of these cables is a result of a ground plane grounded on the connector, reducing crosstalk and assuring a constant impedance of 100 Ω for a very stable picture transmission.



Chung-Ho City, Taiwan +886-2-2222-8885
Booth 347

Writing pad

Digi-Write is a soft, high-responsive low-power-consumption writing pad that disguises itself as a mouse pad. Digi-Write is equipped with pressure-sensitive technology, making it very ideal in terms of working with any drawing software. It is soft, flexible, and is made with environmental friendly materials only. Digi-Write technology can also be used in large-sized projection screens, where storage can now be easy and convenient, similar to a pull-down projection screen. It can even be rolled up and carried to a meeting or class. It weighs very little and because of its structural design, it can be customized into different surfaces or forms.



Tucson, AZ 520/721-0500
Booth 619

Optical design software

BRO's ASAP® is an optical-design program that unites geometrical and physical optics with full 3-D models of optical and mechanical systems. Over 20 years of continuous development allows ASAP to simulate the actual physics of optical systems. ASAP offers optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy that predicts the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optic systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, medical devices, as well as other systems.



Irvine, CA 949/421-0355
Booth 242

Programmable video pattern generator

The Chroma 2234 video pattern generator provides high-frequency digital and analog signals and multiple outputs to meet the needs of FPD applications. It supports the latest HDMI and DisplayPort standards with higher bandwidth and color depth. For the application of multiple tests, the Chroma 2234 supports DVI Dual HDCP tests and various audio/ video formats with 1080p resolution. It is a must for R&D, production test, and quality assurance in video and related industries.



Hudson, NH 603/595-6221
Booth 336

Conductive epoxy adhesive

Conductive Compounds manufactures EP-600 silver-filled two-part epoxy adhesive for attaching components such as resistors, LEDs, and grounding wires to metal, metal oxide, or temperature-sensitive polymer substrates. EP-600 cures quickly at low temperatures and works in high-speed dot-dispense and screen-printing processes. EP-600's slight elasticity allows for differences in thermal expansion and for flexing and bending substrates without fracturing surface-mount joints. EP-600 is ideal for electrically connecting layers in EL panels, touch screens and other glass substrate or polymer film applications.



Corning, NY 607/974-8741
Booth 453

Gen 10 glass substrates

Corning will feature green-laser technology for portable microprojectors, a Gen 10 glass substrate, and silicon-on-glass technology, as well as information on Jade glass for advanced displays, the company's environmentally friendly EAGLE XG glass substrates, and Gorilla glass, a highly durable, scratch-resistant protective cover glass for LCDs.



Canoga Park, CA 818/678-1420
Booth 747

Specialty coated films

CPFilms, a subsidiary of Solutia, Inc., is showcasing its newest products for the electronic-display market, including LTMF20 low tack, optically clear protective masking film, produced in a clean room; high reflection "Invisible ITO" film which matches the substrates color after etching, as well as eliminates obvious signs of etching while creating a smooth appearance; and "Low Color b" ITO film which provides a neutral to bluish appearance on touch screens, with transmission b < 0 and VLT greater than 85%. CPFilms is the only converting company under one roof capable of providing optically clear adhesives and laminates, silicone release, aluminum and metal sputtered, and deep dyed films.



Orange, CT 203/298-0731
Booth 642

Inspection system

Dark Field Technologies will introduce NxtGen, a versatile inspection system. Representing the confluence of laser and camera technologies, NxtGen revolutionizes inspection technology by offering a unique array of capabilities, including high performance; design convergence of laser, camera, and self-aligning optical systems; patented, self-aligning optical systems; multiple optical channels; variable field scanners deliver extraordinary detection; and 100% U.S. developed, engineered, manufactured, and serviced.



Windach, Germany +49-8193-9900-264
Booth 542

Sealants for flexible displays

DELO Industrial Adhesives has recently developed highly efficient sealants for flexible displays used in e-reader applications: A variety of sealants with different flexibilities and low water-vapor transmission rates (WVTR) is available. The sealants can be used either as edge seal or as lamination adhesive. Because of a special photoinitiator system, they can be cured not only with UV but also with visible light. Furthermore, DELO and Merck will present new adhesives for OLED applications within the scope of their strategic partnership in the field of OLED technology. The OLED encapsulation compounds offer the lowest WVTR values combined with high glass adhesion and an extraordinary durability under high temperature und high humidity conditions.



Hoersholm, Denmark +45-20-90-53-37
Booth 376

2-D colorimeter

Delta will feature the ICAM, a filter-based high-accuracy 2-D colorimeter that measures absolute color and luminance. Temporal measurements even in fractions of a frame period are possible, and parameters such as color and luminance uniformity, image sticking, contrast ratio, and color gamut can be measured at a glance. The ICAM Viewer, especially for measuring e-paper, will also be featured.



Morgan Hill, CA 408/782-7773
Booth 583

LCD controller and image-enhancement board

Digital View announces the SVX-1920 LCD controller and IE-1000 Image Enhancement board. The SVX-1920 features support for 6-, 8- and 10-bit panels from VGA to WUXGA resolution. Input signals include HDMI, DVI, ARGB, and YPbPr. The IE-1000 adapter adds support for 120-Hz panels. The Motion Adaptive Sharpness Control eliminates film judder and motion-compensated frame interpolation that reduces latency blur caused by LCD response time. This board works with both 8- and 10-bit panels and can be used in conjunction with either the SVH-1290 or the new SVX-1920. The SVX-1920 and IE-1000 solution will be demonstrated with a 120-Hz panel from NEC.


Doylestown, PA 215/348-5010
Booth 264

Transparent heaters

Dontech's Therma Klear transparent heaters provide the warmth necessary to extend the operating temperature of LCDs in cold environments (e.g., from 0° to below –40°C) and for the anti-fog, anti-icing, and de-icing of optics and optical displays. A Therma Klear heater is composed of an electrically conductive thin-film coating on a visually transparent substrate. When current flows across the coating, it generates heat. Dontech manufactures heaters using different types of crystalline materials (e.g., zinc sulfide or germanium), glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate substrates. Applications include avionic displays, vehicle displays, mobile computers, kiosks, and handheld devices. Custom shapes are available in sizes up to 42 in. on the diameter.



Cambridge, MA 617/499-6030
Booth 681

Imaging-film-based displays

E Ink will be showcasing Vizplex displays. The battery-life gauge on these displays is always on without draining the battery. The segmented display can be easily integrated on any product that contains multi-cell batteries. The lightweight, rugged, plastic display cells can be shaped to any two-dimensional size to best suits the industrial design of any product.


Herouville, Saint Clair, France
Booth 234

Optical characterization of 3-D displays

Optical characterization of 3-D displays is mandatory in order to optimize performances and to make efficient comparisons between them. Most sophisticated techniques such as goniometers or Fourier optics instruments have been used in a restricted way, analyzing only one single cross section in the observer space. From this limited information, different parameters have been defined such as 3-D crosstalk, optimum viewing distance, and viewing freedom that gives a first evaluation of the performances of a twin-view 3-D display. ELDIM's VCMaster 3D device features an ultra-high angular resolution for precise characterization of the 3-D contents regardless of the technology. The VCMaster 3D also includes brand new software tools specific to this technology.



Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 470

New family of LED backlight drivers

ERG's Smart Force family of LED Drivers provide full-function power supplies for LED-backlit LCDs and can be used with ERG's LED rails with proprietary thermal-management design. These plug-and-play drivers provide a wide input voltage range that maintains a constant current to maximize LED backlight lifetime. Included are the SFDM (Mini) – only 0.96 in. (24.4 mm) 2.19 in. (55.6 mm) and <5 mm high – and the SFDE (economy), with an outstanding cost/performance ratio. ERG offers the widest selection of drivers matched to OEM LED-backlit LCDs. The company's new online cross-reference guide contains of nearly 75 different driver boards for more than 100 OEM panels from major manufacturers.



Willow Grove, PA 215/659-3080
Booth 365

Conductive coatings

ECI manufactures ITO, transparent gold, and other conductive coating designs. These films are used for EMI/RFI shielding, LCD fabrication, and ESD static dissipation. ECI's coatings are deposited to customer-specified Ω/sq. and transmission requirements on glass and polymer substrates featuring a resistivity of 4–1000 Ω/sq., typical transmission > 90% at visible spectrum. Coatings meet the durability of MIL-C-48497.



Shawnee Mission, KS 913/492-1066
Booth 238

Screen-printed control panels and overlays

Falcon Design and Manufacturing produces screen-printed control panels, overlays, decals, and membrane switches for the OEM market. Falcon introduced the look of "jewel tone" printing on a variety of substrates that have won awards in the industry. Falcon uses an assortment of transparent and opaque inks to make unique, durable, well-designed panels and overlays.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-2392-6960
Booth 371

TFT-LCD modules

FDT provides various functional integration of 2.5–15-in. TFT-LCD modules for applications such as touch panels, multimedia card readers, sunlight readability, firmware, mechanical integration, etc. Products have features such as wide operational temperature, long operation time, and a fastened metal frame that could be applied to AV products, industrial equipment, instruments, medical devices, etc. Providers of sunlight-readable solutions based on different requirements. Industrial-application TFT-LCD graphic modules are also available.



Tempe, AZ 480/727-8936
Booth 523

Flexible QVGA OLED display

The Flexible Display Center (FDC) at Arizona State University will introduce the first flexible a-Si:H active-matrix OLED display fabricated directly on temporary bonded plastic. The 4.1-in.-diagonal monochrome QVGA OLED display is manufactured on DuPont Teijin's polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) substrate material. The FDC's proprietary bond–debond technology enables the manufacture of flexible AMOLED devices using conventional tools and manufacturing processes. Universal Display Corp. (UDC) integrated the FDC backplane designed for their PHOLED material to produce the display. The luminous efficiency of the display is 37 cd/A at 1000 nits.



Jena, Germany +49-3641-807-236
Booth 200-3 (German Pavillion)

OLED projection system

The newly developed Nano Projector is based on a highly efficient OLED microdisplay. In contrast to present pico projection systems based on LCOS or DLP microdisplays, the OLED projection system needs no additional light source. This advantage leads to a minimization of system volume and energy consumption. The Nano Projector generates a picture with a diagonal of 150 mm and has a total size of less than 10 cm3. A demonstrator of the system will be presented at Display Week.



Dresden, Germany +49-35-1882-3238
Booth 101-4 (German Pavillion)

Bi-directional microdisplay (OLED on CMOS)

At DisplayWeek 2009, Fraunhofer IPMS will present an advanced version of a bi-directional microdisplay as well as a possible application in a head-mounted display. For the first time ever, OLEDs and OLED-on-CMOS integration offer the possibility to integrate highly efficient light sources with photodetectors on a single CMOS chip. This enables monolithically integrated optoelectronic applications based on standard silicon. Besides classic optoelectronic sensor applications, this also enables innovative solutions for personalized information systems. One of them is the so-called bi-directional microdisplay, i.e., an element that displays an image and acts as a camera at the same time by interleaving display pixels and photo-detectors in a mosaic style. This provides visual information to the user, at the same time the device is capable of sensing eye movements of the user.



Berlin, Germany +49-30-3100-2345
Booth 101-3

Digital desktop 3-D displays

With the Free2C_digital display, an approach for the manufacturing of spatial-representing low-cost desktop 3-D displays has been developed. A large sweet spot and electronical tracking allow the user a comfortable freedom of movement. Development setups from 10.6 to 24 in. image diagonals have been built. Content and comfort are similar important as good image quality and depth sensation. The interface box of the Free2C_digital provides both the capability to process multi-synchrony signals and compatibility that enables the representation of almost stereo application on Free2C_digital displays with different resolutions. Anti-alias filtering improves the readability of text and preserves the finest details.



Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 408

R&D ink-jet printer for electronic materials

Accelerated development in ink-jet-printing research and development of printed electronic materials has been made possible by using the Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP). The DMP enables precision fluid deposition with a disposable piezoelectric ink-jet cartridge. It is a cost-effective easy-to-use tool that is utilized for process development of displays, wearable electronics, and flexible circuits, allowing new materials and products to enter the market more rapidly.



Sunnyvale, CA 408/745-4924
Booth 671

5-wire touch panel

Fujitsu Components America will introduce a new 5-wire resistive touch panel featuring a minimum operating life of 35 million touches, narrow frame border (e.g., 9 mm for 15-in. sizes) and improved edge-area linearity performance. Specifications include sizes from 10.4 to 17 in., a transmissivity of 80–85%, an operating environment of from –20 to +60°C, and a relative humidity of 20–90%. Complete support is offered including USB controller, cables, and driver software. Fujitsu's initial release is a 15-in. panel for 4:3 displays.



South Windsor, CT 860/282-2900 x145
Booth 128

LED backlights

General Digital's rugged LCD monitors are now available with LED-backlit displays. LED backlights have numerous beneficial properties: high tolerance to shock and vibration; they easily operate at temperatures as low as –40° C; their low voltage allows high-altitude operation with no risk of arcing; their low infrared signature makes them ideal for NVIS applications; they have low power consumption and thus low heat emissions; they contain no mercury; and they require no inverters. In the event of an individual LED failure, the unique LED-backlight design ensures continued usable operation.


Parma, OH 216/676-2538
Booth 243

2-D heat spreaders

Made from natural graphite, eGRAF® SPREADER-SHIELD products distribute heat evenly while providing thermal insulation through the thickness. This unique combination of spreading and shielding properties make natural graphite an excellent material choice for thermal solutions. SPREADERSHIELD products are offered in a variety of engineered in-plane thermal conductivities from 300–500 W/m-K. By eliminating heavy thermal solutions, SPREADERSHIELD products have enabled slimmer product design and reduced product weights by up to 50%.



Eindhoven, The Netherlands +31-40-85-14650
Booth 471

Digital readers

The iRex Digital Reader series, featuring an extra large 10.2-in. display and a sleek and lightweight design, are the world's largest e-readers. Thanks to the amazingly paper-like electronic-paper display, reading from the screen is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper and nothing like the strain and glare of a computer screen.



Beijing, China 650/585-2195
Booth 764

Slim-profile infrared touch screens

IRTOUCH Systems offers slim-profile infrared touch screens for easy integration into LCDs. E-series supports from 6.4 to 19-in. and the W- and T-series supports from 24 to 52 in. They benefit from the robust infrared touch technology and are ideal for rugged and demanding environments offering scratch-free, drift-free, total transparency, shock resistance, glove/hand/any object activation, as well as long product lifetime. They offer ideal support for POS, ATM, industrial control, kiosks, medical, gaming, in-vehicle displays, and marine applications.



Tempe, AZ 480/998-2250
Booth 567

Conductive polymer products

Ito America is now a U.S. distributor of Orgacon, the trade name for Agfa Materials' conductive polymer product line. The Orgaconline covers a wide range of products designed for different applications such as EL lamps, touch pads, touch screens, displays, dashboard panels, etc. Ito produces coating solutions, printing inks, as well as highly transparent conductive films. The six key properties of Orgacon products are conductivity, transparency, printability, flexibility, formability (cold and thermo), and patternability.



Milpitas, CA 408/546-4327
Booth 753

HEA performance-enhancing top coat

Using their PrintFree top coat, JDSU eliminates the conventional tradeoff of a high-performance HEA coating – its sensitivity to contamination when foreign substances adhere to the coating. PrintFree eliminates this tradeoff by enhancing HEA performance with a surface that repels fingerprints, water, oil, and chemicals. It is chemically bonded directly to the optical layer of the HEA coating, allowing it to maintain low reflectivity. The durable, inert PrintFree top surface is ideal for information displays – without the tradeoff.



Kent, OH 330/673-8784
Booth 265

No-power LCDs

Kent Displays will feature Reflex bistable LCDs which do not require power to maintain an image and are flexible, reflective, rugged, and thin. These features, coupled with superior optical characteristics including sunlight readability and wide viewing angles, open the door to myriad new display applications from electronic paper to electronic skins! Reflex displays also represent our commitment to Push Green by offering more-sustainable solutions through technology innovation. When used in conventional paper and backlit-LCD applications, Reflex displays improve sustainability by reducing energy consumption and conserving natural resources.



Westborough, MA 508/870-5959
Booth 646

Ultra-compact binocular display module

Kopin's new BDM-308K is an ultra-compact binocular display module with a 432 x 240 full-color resolution. The 16:9-format displays provide a wide-screen TV viewing experience (a virtual 40-in. screen viewed from a 7-ft. distance). The BDM-308K integrates two pre-aligned Kopin CyberDisplay® 308K color displays, LED backlights, and a pair of high-quality lenses. Video eyewear manufacturers can easily incorporate the compact BDM-308K into their video eyewear products. Video eyewear incorporating the BDM-308K will be ideal for watching TV or movies on the go. 



Nashua, NH 603/891-9231
Booth 272 (Publications Booth)

Laser Focus World

Displays, OLEDs, optics, lasers, optoelectronics, applied vision, software, and hardware ... whatever the need, we cover it all! Find out why scientists, engineers, industry executives, and manufacturers worldwide rely on Laser Focus World magazine to cover the technologies and applications vital to the optoelectronics and photonics industry.



Auburn, CA 530/888-8344
Booth 627

Display measurement systems

Microvision will demonstrate its latest innovation in automated display testing systems, the SS400 series. The SS400 series includes several hardware advancements such as USB-controlled 16-bit spectrometers and 12-bit CCD cameras. New software includes improved response-time measurements, an ISO 9241-300 test suite, and a TCO 5.0 test suite. The response-time software includes motion-blur measurements such as MPRT, blur edge time, moving edge response time, and blur edge width. The ISO 9241-300 and TCO 5.0 suites test in full accordance to their respective ergonomics standard. Also included is a spreadsheet report that shows all computations and final pass/fail results.



Redmond, WA 425/415-6668
Booth 759

Laser pico projector

Microvision, Inc., will be demonstrating the SHOW WX, a pre-production consumer accessory laser pico projector which delivers stunningly colorful, bright, vivid, and detailed images. Combining ultra-thin pocket-sized convenience with the power to project large DVD-quality images, SHOW WX is the world's first laser pico projector to use Microvision's PicoPT Display Engine technology. Requiring neither projection lenses nor focal adjustment, SHOW WX images are always in focus, regardless of projection distance-producing widescreen images as small as 6 in. to as large as 100 in. across. The production version of this plug-n-play pico projector is expected in 2009.



Santa Clara, CA 408/567-9728
Booth 359

Self-healing coating materials

Nagase America's self-healing coating materials do not harden the surface. This application to the surface of optical film or housing strengthens vision while softening the surface. Therefore, it allows the surface to absorb and recover from scratches when they occur.



Schaumburg, IL 847/525-7851
Booth 442

Touch-input devices

Nissha's touch input devices are highly regarded for their high-precision technology and functionality. Nissha uses state-of-the-art photomechanical process techniques to create touch-input devices. The main product, the conventional resistive-type FineTouch "Classic," is widely used in displays in PDAs, portable game devices, mobile phones, car navigation systems, video cameras, etc.Then, the decorative resistive-type FineTouch "TouchWindow®" was created by merging the FineTouch "Classic" with our decorative printing technology. It expands the degree of freedom in product design by an approach unique only to a printing company.



Kfar Saba IL, Israel +972-9-799-616
Booth 479


N-trig is the provider of DuoSense digitizer technology, the combined pen, touch, and multi-touch interface for advanced computers. Providing the most technologically advanced digitizer on the market, N-trig sets the stage for OEMs to introduce computer products that offer an intuitive, Hands-onTM, and interactive experience. DuoSense digitizers are easily integratable on top of any LCD and keep devices slim, light, and bright. N-trig's technology can be implemented in a broad range of products from small notebooks to large-format LCDs and can support a variety of applications, including mobile computing, gaming, graphic and industrial design, entertainment, all-in-one, and multimedia.


Plymouth, MI 734/781-4879
Booth 765

LED-backlit TFT-LCD modules

Optrex's newly developed 9-in. WVGA TFT-LCD features in-plane-switching (IPS) technology, with viewing angles of 85/85/85/85¼. It has a slim design with a thickness of only 9 mm. It offers a luminance of 400 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 700:1, operating temperature range from -30 to 80¼C, standard LVDS interface, and long-lifetime LED backlight (60 khours). A conventional TN-mode version is also available, which features a viewing angle of 80/80/60/80¼, a contrast ratio 600:1, and a luminance of 600 cd/m2. Optrex has introduced many TFT-LCD modules with LED backlighting in sizes of 3.0, 3.5, 5.7, 6.5, 8.4, 12.1, and 15.0 in.



Orlando, FL 407/422-3171 x206
Booth 476

Night-vision-display test and measurement system

Optronic Laboratories' OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test and Measurement System offers a complete solution for the measurement of NVG-compatible lighting and displays. The system features multi-channel detection for ultra-fast measurements while exceeding all MIL-L-86762A Appendix B requirements. It is portable and lightweight, and offers a choice of measurement modes. The software is capable of all calculations currently required and is easily extended to new requirements. Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word provides powerful extensions to data collection and reporting. The Windows 2000/XP compatible software allows for turnkey automated operation.



Tempe, AZ 480/379-2802
Booth 867

Touch window

PanJit Touch Screens will introduce Touch Window, an integrated solution for interactive display applications, offering a broad range custom-tailored solutions that meet or exceed project specifications. Features include no edge effects, completely flat surface with better visual effect, bezel-less designs, shapes and sizes, a variety of decorative printing, and substrate flexibility for glass or PC.



West Caldwell, NJ 973/227-5401
Booth 653

Scratch-resistant coating for molded plastics

Performance Coatings International (PCI) will display its new Vueguard® 801 WC scratch and abrasion resistant coating at Display Week 2009. Vueguard® 801 WC is a water-clear solvent-based UV-curable coating that maintains optical clarity on molded plastics. In tests using PC steel wool (type 0000 at 50 psi, 25 revolutions), the scratch resistance of the plastic surface is increased by 5000%. It can be applied via spray, dip, spin, and flow processes.



Chatsworth, CA 818/725-9750 x125
Booth 404

Cooled detector spectroradiometers

Photo Research will feature their new cooled detector PR-730/735 SpectraScan spectroradiometers having a sensitivity of more than 0.0001 fL) with virtually no polarization error (<0.2%) and stray light (<0.1%), resulting in more apertures (up to eight automated); twice as many detectors (512); added USB, RS-232, and Bluetooth interfaces; a full-color touch-screen display; SD-card measurement storage (thousands of measurements); and a Li-ion rechargeable battery. The PR-730 measures from 380 to 780 nm (380–1100 nm for the PR-735) with a resolution of 0.781 nm/pixel.



Beaverton, OR 503/748-5886
Booth 577

TFT display enhancements

Planar's TFT display enhancement capabilities will be demonstrated on a 32-in. TFT monitor at Display Week. This display is very power-friendly, utilizing only 9.5 W/nit. A maximum luminance of 800 nits has been achieved. The fiber-optic video and control interface is ideal for widely dispersed digital signage and TEMPEST-driven applications.



Redmond, WA 425/844-0152
Booth 249

Light and color measurement system

Radiant Imaging addresses multiple light and color measurement requirements for display design, development, and production with their Imaging Sphere systems. By using a novel optical configuration to allow their ProMetric® Imaging colorimeters to "see" a sample from all directions in a hemisphere simultaneously, the Imaging Sphere can be configured to measure display viewing-angle performance – including brightness and color variations. The Imaging Sphere can also be equipped with a light source that enables the measurement of the reflectance and transmission of films, such as BEF or anti-reflection coatings, and other display components.



Cedar Rapids, IA 319/295-5933
Booth 643

Ruggedized modules

Rockwell Collins brings the latest advances in ruggedized modules utilizing our innovative dry-film optical-bonding capability. Modules are available in common sizes from 8.4 to 17 in. Options include bonding of anti-reflective (AR)/anti-glare (AG)/anti-smudge coated glass, low reflectance resistive or capacitive touch screens, specialty films, and LED brightness enhancements. Our environmentally friendly optical bonding technology is well suited for applications that require demanding optical or environmental performance and applications requiring precision alignment of multiple substrates. This technology, also available for licensing, is ideal for high-volume bonding of small displays.



San Jose, CA 408/544-4212
Booth 318

Soluble oxide TFT-LCD

Samsung will be exhibiting the world's first 4-in. TFT-LCD that uses oxide TFTs derived from a solution process. Most oxide TFT-LCDs used up to now have utilized conventional sputtering processes for the semiconductor layer deposition. Samsung fabricated its new oxide TFTs by spin-coating a solution of zinc tin oxide (ZnSnO) semiconductors and then applying a thermal annealing process. Soluble oxide semiconductors are a promising candidate for future LCD manufacturing (similar to organic semiconductors). They are easily patterned in a low-cost printing process. The new panel has a resolution of 240 x 320 lines (4-in., qVGA, 100 ppi) and a TFT-array mobility of 0.6 cm2/V-sec, which is higher than that of a-Si TFT panels. Samsung is going to develop its soluble oxide TFT as a new TFT technology for use in manufacturing low-cost large-sized TFT-LCDs in the near future.



Incheon, Korea +82-32-254-2520
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Simulation software

Sanayi System Co. provides simulation software for 3D and 1D TechWiz LCDs. Products and services cover the design and optimization of all LCD electrical and optical characteristics. Data exchange functions can be used with various measurement instruments for higher reliability.



Camas, WA 360/834-8024
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15-in. LED-backlit TFT-LCD module

Sharp's new 15-in. TFT-LCD module adds yet another size option to their growing line of LED-backlit displays. The new LQ150X1LG82 delivers a long operating life of 50,000 hours, extending customers' investment with greater uptime and fewer service calls. LED backlights also require less energy to operate, enabling new design advancements and lighter environmental impact. This landscape-mode panel delivers a 550:1 contrast ratio, brightness of 350 nits, and a fast response time of 8 msec. The module also features anti-glare and hard-coating forviewability and durability in demanding environments.



Northfield, MN 507/663-8564
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Specialty materials

Sheldahl Optical Materials is pleased to showcase their complete family of specialty materials to support the display, touch screen, and flexible-display markets at the Display Week 2009. Products include vacuum-deposited transparent coatings of ITO on a variety of flexible film substrates for the resistive and capacitive touch screen, EMI shielding, flat-panel, and EL-display markets. Sheldahl will showcase their world-class manufacturing facility offering high-resolution roll-to-roll patterned ITO coatings, screen printing, material laminations, and component assembly options.


sim4tec GmbH
Dresden, Germany +49-(0)-351-446-6499
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OLED device simulator

sim4tec GmbH, a provider of numerical simulation software for organic electronics, will feature version 1.1 of the OLED simulation software SimOLED®. The device simulator SimOLED® can model the complete optoelectrical characteristics of multi-layered OLEDs (e.g., current density, luminance, and efficiency), including special effects such as carrier and emitter doping, exciplex states, and exciton quenching. Version 1.1 includes our completely redesigned data visualization tool. The first results of the beta version of SimOLED® Optics, where spectrally and angularly resolved emission as well as color coordinates of OLEDs can be simulated, will be shown.



Chula Vista, CA 619/216-6477
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Capacitive touch screen

SMK will introduce a capacitive touch screen with multi-touch and gesture-input capabilities featuring a super-low transparency as high as 93%. This new touch screen is ideal for hand-held devices requiring high visual clarity, soft/light input sensitivity, and a screen size of up to 4 in., making this touch screen suitable for mobile phones, smart phones, and digital cameras. SMK offers the capacitive touch screen in a glass or film on film structure. To increase the effectiveness of circuit space, a COF (chip-on-film) is utilized at the screen's tail next to the controller IC.



Pak Shek Kok NT, Hong Kong
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Capacitive touch-panel controller

The SSD2521 from Solomon Systech is an all-in-one capacitive-touch-panel controller that integrates the power circuits and driving and sensing circuits into a single chip. It can drive capacitive touch panels on WVGA-resolution displays. Its DSP-based architecture supports up to four fingers of simultaneous detection. It also supports auto-calibration for each crossover point and has an embedded noise-rejection correlator for better signal-to-noise ratio. With a highly compact and competitive design, the SSD2521 enables the use of touch panels in portable devices such as mobile phones, PNDs, digital still cameras, and more.



Bordeaux, France +33-556-460-344
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Software engine

Stantum will feature PMatrix, a software engine for multi-touch technology. It runs as a chip firmware or software on controllers or any embedded processing devices. PMatrix scans and delivers an exact representation of what is happening on the touch panel. The multi-touch driver dynamically updates the cursor list, enabling any application to control the graphical-user-interface objects. Performance includes fast, accurate, and versatile; portable and lightweight; low power consumption; true multi-touch (unlimited number of pointers); and robust scanning method.



Scottsdale, AZ 480-922-5344
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Film lamination equipment

Sun-Tec America will feature the TMS-SA film lamination machine for laminating films to various substrates used in the display industry. It can laminate substrate sizes from 10 to 22 in. Machines for substrates up to 65 in. are available. The TMS-SA series of lamination machines are designed to be affordably priced for R&D and low–to–medium-volume production without sacrificing the performance of more expensive models. These machines maintain Sun-Tec's high production standards and are capable of bubble-free lamination with placement accuracy of 0.2 mm. Options include a table for laminating substrates with flex circuits, deionizer, Hepa filter, safety light curtain, and lamination rollers suitable for a variety of products.



Orange, CA 714/633-7874
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Resizing LCDs

For over ten years, Tannas Electronic Displays, Inc., (TED) has been successfully resizing LCDs at their facility in Orange, California. TED has an extensive patent portfolio covering the product and process. Most recently, TED has expanded the tooling and methods to accomplish the resizing of very large LCDs. This is exemplified in the accompanying photo of a Samsung 40-in. HDTV LCD that has been resized to 10.5 x 35.5 in. There does not appear to be a limit on how large an LCD can be to be resized.



Dallas, TX 214/567-2905
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16-channel LED driver

The TLC5941 is a 16-channel constant-current-sink LED driver. Each channel has an individually adjustable 4096-step gray-scale PWM brightness control and a 64-step constant-current sink (dot correction), which adjusts the brightness variations between LED channels and other LED drivers. The dot correction and gray-scale control are accessible via a serial interface, while a single external resistor sets the maximum current value of all 16 channels. The TLC5941 features two error information circuits. The LED open detection (LOD) indicates a broken or disconnected LED at an output terminal and the thermal error flag (TEF) indicates an over temperature condition.



City of Industry, CA 646/336-8188
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TFT module

Tianma Microelectronics will highlight their 4.7-in. TFT module featuring high quality, wide format, and fast response time. With a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, the 4.7-in. TFT module offers a bright and vivid color display at an affordable price. This size is ideal for GPS, MP4, PMP, and other hand-held devices.



Irvine, CA 408/526-2454
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Industrial LED-backlit TFT-LCD Lineup

Toshiba will exhibit its 70,000-hour long-life, LED-backlit TFT-LCDs for industrial applications at Display Week 2009. Toshiba's line-up includes LCDs ranging in diagonal size from 5.7 to 10.4 in. and resolutions from QVGA (320 x 240) to XGA (1024 x 768). These modules each feature an on-board LED driving circuit to facilitate customer design-in. Today's common industrial-use TFT-LCDs use cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) as their backlight source. An LED-backlit TFT-LCD provides many benefits including low electromagnetic interference (EMI), low-power consumption, wide backlight dimming range, and light weight. The LED backlights also support important industry environmental initiatives.



Austin, TX 512/646-0310
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A 15-in. projected capacitive touch screen with graphics

Touch International will display a broad range of projected capacitive (iPhone-type) touch screens with advanced features including pen-entry, unbreakability, thinness, and proximity sensing. The company's products range from 3 in. on the diagonal for hand-held and medical markets to 22 in. on the diagonal for industrial terminals, kiosks, and gaming applications.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-239-269260
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Optical coatings

UniBright has been devoting time and effort to create long-lasting and precision coatings such as T-AR (traditional anti-reflection), G-AR (gradient anti-reflection), AG (anti-glare), AS (anti-smudge), AF (anti-fog), Easy Cleaning, as well the processing of cutting, grinding, and printing, that perform very well for the most demanding applications.



Ewing, NJ 609/671-0980 x206
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Phosphorescent OLED materials and technology

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly PHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology enable manufacturers to produce OLEDs with dramatically higher power efficiency compared to conventional OLEDs and LCDs. Available in many colors, PHOLEDs offer excellent performance for displays and white lighting. UDC will also exhibit prototypes showcasing other proprietary technologies, including FOLED® Flexible OLED, TOLED® Transparent OLED, and WOLED White OLED technologies. Also offering technology evaluation, joint development, and technology-transfer services to support the smooth adoption of our technology and materials.



Austin, TX 512/385-9000 x1127
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AMOLED displays

U S Micro Products will feature a 7.6-in. AMOLED display manufactured by CMEL. This display offers stunning life-like image quality and extremely fast response time. The thin and lightweight design make them perfect for all applications. AMOLEDs are highly reliable and offer a wide operation temperature range of –40 to 60°C. Other benefits include a super-wide 160° viewing angle, 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 200-nit brightness, and 30-khour lifetime. Also offering 2.0-, 2.4-, 2.8-, and 3.4-, and 4.3-in. AMOLEDs. A 13.3-in. AMOLED is under development.



Paramount, CA 562/634-0434
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Large-format thin-film micrdiffusers

WaveFront Technology will introduce a large-format 42-in.-diagonal high-performance Tailored Micro-Diffuser (TMD®). These thin-film diffusers can replace conventional bulk diffusers or thick plates in direct-lit backlight units (BLUs) and improve performance in edge-lit BLU systems from mobile LCDs to large LCD TV monitors. Compared with conventional bead-type diffusers, the TMD® can provide the following advantages: higher brightness, better contrast and viewing angle, less thickness, and fewer layers (such as elimination of diffuser plate and/or prism film). Although BEF and DBEF (which are much more expensive then TMD® films) are still the best films for brightness enhancement, TMD® can provide a cost-effective alternative solution by replacing BEF and DBEF.



Saint Charles, MO 636/300-5100
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Small-format-display QC test system

Westar Display Technologies' QuickTest is a turnkey display quality test system that automatically verifies the critical optical performance parameters of a small-format display. A complete electro-optical test suite is completed in under 30 sec. QuickTestemploys three fast sensors: CCD camera, spectrometer, and TRD-100A – each optimized for specific measurement tasks. The system includes automated tray handling and probing, editable test definitions and pass/fail criteria, and supporting statistical and database functions for production QA/QC. Several system options are available. Westar offers a tooling solution, called New Display Tooling, to enable displays to be tested on the QuickTest.



Blaydon on Tyne, UK +44-191-4145-511
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Projected capacitive touch sensors

Zytronic will be showing touch-sensor products and solutions based on the company's proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT). Completely customizable in sizes from 5 to 82 in., ZYBRID® is extremely damage and weather resistant, and suitable for all digital signage, industrial, gaming, and other public-access applications. PCT can create stylish, bezel-free touch-sensitive user interfaces. ZYBRID can be further enhanced by integrated features such as printed borders, mirror finishes, and optical filters. ZYPROFILM® flexible rear-projection film touch sensors will be demonstrated as will ZYSWITCH®, a rugged PCT-based replacement for soft membrane switches. •