The following papers appear in the May 2009 (Vol. 17/5) issue of JSID
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Electric-field-driven LC lens for 3-D/2-D autostereoscopic display(pages 399–406)
HyungKi-Hong, et al., LG Display, Korea

Advanced stereo projection using interference filters (pages 407–410)
Helmut Jorke, et al., Infitec GmbH, Germany

Implementation of polarization-multiplexed tiled projection integral imaging system (pages 411–418)
Joohwan Kim, et al., Seoul National University, Korea; Sung-Wook Min, Kyung Hee University, Korea

Hybrid MEMS optical scanner for volumetric 3-D displays (pages 419–422)
Yasutaka Ohira, et al., The University of Tokyo, Japan; Aleksandr Chekhovskiy, Ural State University, Russia; Toshio Yamanoi and Takashi Endo, Koshin Kogaku Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan

Practical implementation of a depth-feeling-enhanced two-plane electro-floating display system using three-dimensional integral images (pages 423–431)
Suk-Pyo Hong, et al., Kwangwoon University, Korea

Determining limits to avoid double vision in an autostereoscopic display: Disparity and image element width (pages 433–441)
Jukka Häkkinen and Marja Salmimaa, Nokia Research Center, Finland; Jari Takatalo, et al., University of Helsinki, Finland

Immersive stereo displays, intuitive reasoning, and cognitive engineering (pages 443–448)
Robert Patterson, University of Washington, USA; Aris Silzars, Northlight Displays, USA

Effect of number of views to the viewing experience with autostereoscopic 3-D displays (pages 449–458)
Marja Salmimaa, et al., Nokia Research Center, Finland; Marja Liinasuo, VTT Research Center of Finland, Finland

Subjective measures of presence and discomfort in viewers of color-separation-based stereoscopic cinema (pages 459–466)
Monika Pölönen, et al., Nokia Research Center, Finland

Stereoscopic depth perception survives significant interocular luminance differences (pages 467–471)
Alan S. Boydstun, et al., University of Washington, USA

Novel front-light system using fine-pitch patterened OLED (pages 473–479)
Norio Koma, et al., Seiko Epson Corp., Japan

TFT-LCD driver IC with embedded non-volatile memory for portable applications (pages 481–487)
Chang-Hee Shin and Oh-Kyong Kwon, Hanyang University, Korea

The effect of gas-dynamic factors on selective carbon-nanotube synthesis by injection CVD method for field-emission cathodes (pages 489–495)
Vladimir A. Labunov, et al., Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics, Belarus; Alexander S. Basaev, The Moscow State Institute of Electronics Technology, Russia

Letter: Current-mode ambient-light sensing circuit using p-type low-temperature polycrystalline-silicon TFTs and p–i–m diodes (pages 497–500)
Han-Sin Kim and Oh-Kyong Kwon, Hanyang University, Korea