Products on Display at Display Week 2007

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by Jay Morreale

THE SID 2007 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California, the week of May 20. For 3 days, May 22-24, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.


Santa Paula, CA 805/525-4902 x111
Booth 1801

OEM-fabricated glass components and coatings

Providers of OEM-fabricated glass components and coatings for technology, medical, industrial, and lighting applications worldwide. Customized glass-fabrication projects include precision machining, cutting and edging services, glass strengthening, coatings, three-color silk-screening, and Class-1000-cleanroom specialty packaging. Abrisa Glass utilizes leading-edge technology specifically for display applications requiring glare reduction, anti-reflection, ITO, night-vision coatings, and bus bars.



Ronkonkoma, NY 631/580-4360
Booth 1159

LAN and multimedia LCD controllers

Apollo will be featuring ArtistaNET, a LCD controller with a standard Ethernet interface that enables easy integration of TFT displays in LAN/WLAN systems without the use of a client PC, providing complete display signage integration at a reduced cost. ArtistaNET supports TFT-LCDs from 5 to 46 in. on the diagonal with resolutions up to WXGA (1366 x 768) and having an integrated touch-screen controller. PRISMA II, the next-generation RGB/Video/DVI controller, is optimized for multimedia applications, providing state-of-the-art features and a wide-range of functions and characteristics, including Component Video-In, support of resolutions up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200), improved video quality and deinterlacing, improved auto-adjust, power-supply options up to 24 V, and advanced HM-Interface option. PRISMA II Ruggedized is also available with positively locking connectors and industrial components for the harshest environments. ArtistaNET and PRISMA II/Ruggedized are RoHS compliant.



Tully, NY 315/696-6676
Booth 1602

LED backlighting solutions

Applied Concepts will introduce turnkey-engineered LED backlighting solutions for LCD panels with ACI's patent-pending I-DRIVELED drivers which illuminate LCDs with more brightness and/or less power than traditional CCFL approaches. Available as a complete LED kit containing LED rail(s), an I-DRIVE LED driver, and cables, or as a fully modified panel conversion. Features include a simple and minimally invasive LED modification, display stock optics retained; for any edge-lit display from 6.4 to 20.1 in., new or retrofit; nearly twice the efficiency of traditional CCFL backlights, superior brightness uniformity, and thermal management; long life (> 35,000 hours), and unique mixed-mode dimming.



Columbia, MD 301/490-4007 x146
Booth 1634

netCast streamer and player: Video over IP

The Applied Data Sytems (ADS) netCast Streamer converts a video source (from security cameras, DVD players, and video cards) to IP. The netCast Player converts an IP stream to NTSC or PAL analog video and stereo audio output. Both use an advanced MPEG-4 hardware engine to encode and decode its respective video stream. The video can also be stored on a local hard-drive and played according to schedule.



Huntsville, AL 256/489-0051
Booth 1355

High-speed panel mapper

Axometrics's high-speed AxoScan Panel Mapper (APM) completely characterizes any type of LCD panel, providing measurements of the cell gap, twist angle, rubbing direction, and front and back pre-tilt angles. The APM measures the complete polarization properties (full Mueller Matrix) of the panel while adjusting the XY coordinates, azimuth angle, polar angle, and spectral wavelength. These measurements are then used by Axometrics's patented LCDView software to quickly and accurately calculate the panel's parameters. In addition to LCD panels, the polarization properties of other materials may be measured, including polarizer films and retarder films (A-Plates, O-Plates, and C-Plates).



Holland, OH 419/868-7291
Booth 2110

Contrast-enhancement film

BrightView's BVT-PDP-ACE (angle-control and contrast-enhancement) films utilize specially designed microstructures with aligned apertures in a proprietary black matrix that efficiently absorbs ambient light. The result is a display with higher contrast, richer colors, and reduced glare in ambient-light settings. The BVT-PDP-ACE film solves the PDP panel's key performance issue – low-contrast levels under high-ambient-light conditions – when compared with LCDs which have intrinsically better contrast in high-ambient-light situations.



Sebastopol, CA 707/824-2489
Booth #1350

Software for displays

Applications such as mobile TV, video, games, and mapping present considerable design challenges in terms of balancing the power consumption and performance of mobile displays. Clairvoyante will exhibit solutions for overcoming these challenges based on PenTile RGBW technology, which can extend battery life while also enabling ample brightness and resolution for multimedia content. Clairvoyante will feature a variety of low-power high-brightness mobile displays enabled by PenTile RGBW technology, including transmissive and transflective panels in VGA, wide VGA, and qVGA resolutions, as well as driver ICs and bridge chips that simplify integration of PenTile RGBW technology.


Corning, NY 607/974-7097
Booth 1753

High-performance environmentally friendly glass

Corning will feature breakthrough EAGLE XG glass, the first LCD substrate free of added heavy metals and halides. In addition to offering high-performance glass attributes, this environmentally friendly glass meets both current and future environmental regulations worldwide. Corning also continues to support the growing demand for larger LCD screens with Gen 8 glass, the largest commercially available substrates.



Landsberg, Germany
Booth 1912

Edge-encapulation resins

DELO Industrial Adhesives develops customer-specific products for special applications such as the bonding and sealing of displays. For example, DELO provides special edge-encapsulation resins (DELO-KATIOBOND) for OLED displays whose active structure must be efficiently protected against humidity and oxygen. The epoxy-based light-curing adhesives meet the highest requirements regarding water and oxygen permeability values combined with very good humidity resistances. They can be applied either by dispensing or jetting, or by means of screen-printing. They are cured very fast by UV light without any additional thermal treatments. After joining, the adhesive is cured by pressure and UV light in very short times.



Teck-Nabern, Germany +49-7021-805-0
Booth 1514

Display driver ICs

Dialog Semiconductor will debut a new family of display driver ICs specifically designed for E Ink based segmented displays. Using a high level of system integration, Dialog's DA852x series of devices are capable of driving up to 20, 64, 96, 192, and 256 segments from each device, requiring only two external capacitors to complete a design solution. Interfaced using a standard SPI serial bus, several devices can be cascaded in order to extend the segment drive capabilities. The new family of devices is available in both packaged and bare-die formats to offer solutions for a wide range of differing display applications.




Santa Barbara, CA 805-562-9293
Booth 1029

Solution-Processed OLEDs

DuPont is highlighting solution-processed active-matrix OLED displays, which combine DuPont solution-based OLED materials, innovative processes, and encapsulation technology with activematrix backplanes from leading TFT providers. By closely tailoring the materials and process to work together, DuPont has made significant progress in OLED materials lifetime. Commercial-quality resolution and color coordinates have been achieved with solution printing of small-molecule light-emitting materials. Fabrication of solution-processed AMOLED displays requires lower equipment costs and material consumption than vapor-deposited OLEDs and fewer components than equivalent LCDs. These advantages result in a significant cost benefits over both incumbent technologies.



Cambridge, MA 617/499-6000
Booth 1835

EPD prototype kit

E Ink Corp. will introduce the AM8T EPD prototype kit, E Ink's new lineup of prototyping kits based on the new Metronome 8T display controller. Each kit includes a production sample of a glass-based active-matrix EPD display made using E Ink's imaging film, along with all of the hardware and software necessary to produce a fully functional portable device. The new Metronome 8T controller enables each prototype kit to be paired with an EPD display of various sizes. New display sizes supported by the new kits will be 5, 6, 8, and 9.7 in.



Taipei, Taiwan +886-2-2698-0110 x 113
Booth 1810

Vista-compatible touch-panel controllers

eGalax eMPIA Technology (EETI) is a professional touch-panel-controller supplier located in Taiwan, offering Windows Vista-compatible touch-panel controllers for various types of touch panels, including resistive, capacitive, and SAW. These panels can communicate with the system using USB, RS232, or PS2 interfaces. Driver utilities for Windows Vista, XP, 2000, XP Server 2003, 95, 98, ME, NT4, XP Tablet PC edition, CE 2.12, 3.0, .net(4.0, 5.0, 6.0), various Linux, DOS, MAC/OS, QNX, etc., are available.



Herouville, Saint Clair, France +33-(0)-2-31-94-76-00
Booth 1148

Cost-Effective Video Colorimeter

ELDIM will present its new line of MSColor instruments for measurement of display-emission properties. Based on a Peltier-cooled CMOS sensor, these new systems provide a cost-effective solution for medium-spatial-resolution homogeneity measurements. Coupled with one color filter wheel and a telecentric objective, MSColor10 provides luminance and color with excellent accuracy. Equipped with three filter wheels, MSColor32 provides multi-spectral information with 10-nm-wavelength resolution in the full visible range. Complementary to high-spatial-resolution ELDIM MURATest video colorimeters, this new line of products provides a cost-effective solution for any homogeneity measurement that requires limited spatial resolution.



Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 1328

LED and CCFL backlight drivers

ERG's new Smart Force family of LED driver solutions for high-bright LEDs provide the most compact, reliable, electrically efficient, and lowest-cost technology for driving HBLEDs to backlight LCDs from 6.4 to 20 in. diagonals and larger. The driver boards are extremely compact, with exceptionally efficient thermal management. Available as an LED driver board or a complete kit including driver board and LED rails, ERG's Smart Force LED Solutions are very easy to integrate and extremely reliable. Standard features include separate enable/disable and PWM dimming controls. Smart Force LED Solutions are offered as standard products with input voltages of 12, 24, or 48 V, in single, dual, or three-channel versions with custom designs readily available. ERG will also be showcasing the industry's broadest range of standard and custom DC-AC inverters for CCFL-backlit LCDs from all major manufacturers.



Gifu, Japan +81-572-68-1961
Booth 1828

Field-emission displays

Field-Emission Technologies will feature nano-Spindt field-emission displays that can realize high-quality motion pictures, jet-black color, high resolution, wide viewing angle, and low power consumption without focus degradation.




Dresden, Germany +49-(0)-351-8823-238
German Pavilion, Booth 1437-1

OLED-on-silicon integration

There is no technology capable of combining monolithic integration of highly efficient and stable light sources into standard silicon CMOS. OLED technology allows for both large-area deposition and micro-patterning of light emitters on top of uppermost metal layers of CMOS chips. Therefore, the CMOS active-area space below the OLED electrode is available for additional circuitry in a system-on-chip setup, including OLED driving. Major applications are expected for microdisplays and optoelectronics (organic microsystems).



Jena, Germany +49-3641-807-236
Booth 1337-9

Optical systems

Application-oriented research and development at Fraunhofer IOF focuses on optical systems technology with a view to continually improving the control of light from generation via guiding and manipulation up to its application. A unique feature is the combination of expertise in optics and precision mechanics. IOF designs and develops costumer-specific solutions for optical systems. Clients are escorted all the way from conception to the prototype, and even to small volume production or system integration. One business unit focuses on (micro)display applications. Here, the activities are not limited to multimedia applications, systems for niche markets such as medicine, automotive, or metrology are also addressed.



Santa Clara, CA 408/565-9150
Booth 1059

Materials printer

The wide acceptance of FUJIFILM Dimatix's materials printer is accelerating development of ink-jet solutions for printed electronics. The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a cost-effective easy-to-use tool to quickly develop and test processes and prototypes from flexible circuits, RFID tags, and displays to optical lenses and wearable electronics. The DMP enables precise deposition of fluids with a disposable piezo ink-jet cartridge. This year, FUJIFILM Dimatix has introduced a 1-pl cartridge for the DMP. This new ink-jet printhead facilitates direct printing of 20-μm features. With the DMP, development of new materials and products are brought to market faster, easier, and at a significantly lower cost than ever before.




Cambridge, MA 617/649-1010 x122
Booth 1900

Optical diffusion films

Fusion Optix DF100 Series – optical diffusion films for LCDs – offers a wide range of symmetrical and asymmetrical diffusion profiles with complete control over light output. DF100 films are scalable for different applications such as handhelds, notebooks, tablet PCs, or LCD TVs. These films utilize volumetric diffusion technology, making them more durable, customizable, and cost effective than coated or embossed alternatives. As a bottom diffuser, high-transmission results in immediate brightness gain from the backlight. As a top diffuser, superior light management enables tailored viewing angles. For environmentally demanding applications, the DF100 Series is available in modified PET or PC.



Miaoli, Taiwan +886-037-611 x12100
Booth 1123

LCD defect-compensation technology

The liquid-crystal-display defect compensation technique modifies the defect-area signal so that it displays normally. First, we applied an optics sensor to measure the entire panel area to define the defect/normal area and the related R/G/B luminance data. Then, the luminance gap between the defect area and normal areas was analyzed. Finally, the defect-area R/G/B signal was adjusted so that the display works normally. This defect compensation technology can improve the LCD yield rate, especially for the TV panel, and it will be the most cost-effective method to improve TFT-LCD process yield.




Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 1649

LED edge lighting

Edge lighting utilizing patented MicroLens light-extraction technology provides the most-efficient LED-based edge-lighting technology available for today's flat-panel displays. MicroLens brings molded-in optics, higher brightness (more output/watt), thinner construction, and a scalable design to illuminate LCDs from <1 to >50-in. on the diagonal using high-brightness LEDs as the light source. MicroLens molded light guides enable outstanding edge-lit backlighting performance, and they can reduce the cost, thickness, and power consumption associated with traditional direct backlighting methods that use arrays of LEDs under the display. With up to 180,000 unique optical features per square inch (2800 per cm2), MicroLens provides superior control over output and uniformity and the cost advantages of a smaller form factor with fewer components.



Westlake Village, CA 805/494-4767
Booth 2049

Phase-modulator developer kit

HOLOEYE Systems has developed the first pure phase-modulating devices based on LCOS technology. These pure-phase modulators provide HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a 8-μm pixel pitch and 8-bit addressing. Currently, there are three panels available: (1) optimized for a 2π phase shift in the visible region up to 800 nm, having a broadband AR coating; (2) optimized for the near-IR region showing a 2π phase shift up to 1064 nm with an AR coating for 1064 nm; and (3) optimized for 1550-nm telecommunications applications.



Edison, NJ 732/494-8660 x117
Booth 1018

Spectroscopic ellipsometer

HORIBA Jobin Yvon will introduce the new MM-16, a highly accurate and affordable spectroscopic ellipsometer. Along with measurements of thin-film thickness and optical constants, the MM-16 delivers, in 2 sec, the complete 16 elements of the Mueller Matrix in the visible-NIR spectral range (420–850 nm). Combined with embedded analysis software (DeltaPsi2©), this additional capability allows easy characterization of retardation, anisotropy, and degree of depolarization. These complex materials properties are widely used in TFT-LCD and OLED structures. With the addition of a variable angle of incidence and an X-Y mapping stage, the MM-16 is the ideal spectroscopic ellipsometer for simple, fast, and accurate measurements of the multilayered-stack film thickness and optical constants.



Boulder, CO 303/444-4608
Booth 1354

USB-based automatic LC testing instrument

The ALCT3 is a general-purpose instrument for both industrial and academic research, capable of automatically measuring the most important parameters of nematic (both positive and negative) and ferroelectric liquid crystals. For nematics, these include among others the bend-and-splay elastic parameters K11 and K33, rotational viscosity (for positive dielectric materials only), and the dielectric constants. For ferroelectrics, it quickly determines such parameters as the switching time, polarization, and rotational viscosity.



Alpharetta, GA 770/886-3960
Booth 1321

Telescopic probe for display measurement

Instrument Systems is announcing the new TOP200 telescope probe for display measurements. By replacing the existing TOP100, the new version has a completely new optical design and comes loaded with features, including Pritchard optics with minimized spot distortion, software-controlled motorized aperture selection, electronic self-identification, and a full field-of-view display in the software via USB camera. With a software upgrade, this telescope head is compatible with all existing Instrument Systems' spectroradiometers.


i-sft GMBH

Gundersheim, Germany +49-(0)-6244-9197-300
Booth 1229 and 1243-3

High-brightness 10.4-in. XGA display

With the new release of its highly successful 100i.10X display, i-sft makes use of recent advances in its innovative low-lmpedance matching control (LIMC) backlight technology, leading to further improvements in the energy efficiency of backlighting systems. With a daylight-readable 1000-nit luminance, a 600:1 contrast, and a 1000:1 dimming ratio, this rugged line of displays is fit for almost any lighting condition. Due to the vast amount of available light, the new release features viewing angles of 80° at all four axes. Including the integrated inverter, the 100i.10X needs less than 20 W at maximum brightness, roughly half the power of comparable products. The i-sft rugged design guarantees industrial temperature performance as well as mechanical robustness and reliability. Customized versions for extreme-temperature requirements or even higher brightness can be developed on request.



Boulder, CO 303/443-1036
Booth 1059

Materials deposition system

iTi Corp.'s XY Materials Deposition System 2.0 is a high-precision flexible development and pilot-production platform for analyzing UV inks, biological fluids, electronic materials, and industrial fluid deposition. It provides positional repeatability of ± 2 μm. The XY is used extensively in applications including printed electronics where high precision is a pre-requisite for success. The Substrate Alignment Tool is an optional accessory for iTi's XY-Material Deposition Systems (1.0 and 2.0). The SAT is an adjustable-focus zoom-magnification video system that provides the operator with repeatable and consistent alignment of a substrate on a platen. It enables precise placement of jettable fluids onto defined pre-printed materials or patterns.



Lincoln, NE 402/477-7501 x101
Booth 1944

Spectroscopoic radiometer

The FP M-2000 provides thickness and refractive-index metrology on single and multiple layer films used in the display industry, including ITO, a-Si, polysilicon, SiO2, nitride, resist, color filters, metal films, and more. Based on the proven technology of the Woollam M-2000® ellipsometer, this research-grade instrument can also be used to measure anisotropic materials used in flexible displays. User-programmable mapping, data acquisition, and automated analysis routines make the FP M-2000 a user-friendly recipe-driven tool for research, process development, quality control, and production environments. Uniformity mapping is possible on panels up to 370 x 470 mm.



Kent, OH 330/673-8784
Booth 1633

"No-power" cholesteric LCD

Kent Displays will announce its new SVGA (600 x 800) high-resolution (150 dpi) "No Power" ChLCD with an onboard controller. The innovative combination of a "No Power" ChLCD with superior optical performance and onboard controller will enable integrators to rapidly deploy new products with Kent's energy savings black-and-white (2-bit gray scale) ChLCD. The low-profile modular-design display features an embedded controller that generates the unique ChLCD drive waveforms and provides automatic temperature compensation while using a minimal number of host I/O resources. Capable of a 20-MHz image download via the 8-bit parallel interface and equipped with 512 kbits of image memory, the SVGA black-and-white ChLCD is ideal for e-book- and e-paper-like applications.



Taunton, MA 508/824-6696
Booth 1905

Transmissive AMLCD

The CyberDisplay® WVGA LV is a color-filter active-matrix LCD with a spatial resolution of 854 x 480. The display utilizes high-performance single-crystal silicon transistors and is the smallest (0.58 in. on the diagonal) transmissive AMLCD for that resolution. The CyberDisplay WVGA LV is available in a frameless package for integration into a module or framed package for attachment to a snap-on backlight module. The ultra-compact high-resolution CyberDisplay WVGA LV supports 16:9 format for high-definition TV and is ideal for watching movies, sporting events, and music videos, browsing the Web, checking e-mail from mobile devices such as cell phones, or playing 3-D games on the go.



Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613/729-0614
Booth 1321

Spectrally tunable imaging radiometer

Lumetrix Corp. will introduce the STiR 1.4 at SID 2007. This 1.4-Mpixel Spectrally Tunable Imaging Radiometer is the state of the art in measurement technology. It is a combination of a spectro-radiometer and an imaging system and has a spectral power distribution from 400 to 720 nm. By using hyperspectral software, Photometrica, insightful tools become available for the analysis and reporting of measurements as well as multi-layered mapping capabilities, including radiance and chromaticity.



Westford, MA 978/392-7955
Booth 1826

Integrated single-link serializer/deserializer chipset

The MAX9247 serializer and MAX9248 deserializer form a complete digital video serial link that is ideal for driving WVGA, VGA, and QVGA displays in automotive, navigation, and infotainment systems. The MAX9248 features programmable spread-spectrum modulation, spreading both output data and clock for maximum EMI reduction. The MAX9247's pre-emphasis improves signal integrity over 10-m cables. The MAX9247/MAX9248 operates from a +3.3-V core supply and features a separate input supply for interfacing to 1.8–3.3-V logic levels. ESD tolerance meets ISO 10605 specifications with ±10-kV contact discharge and ±30-kV air-gap discharge.



Auburn, CA 530/888-8344
Booth 1318

Display-measurement systems

Microvision will demonstrate its latest innovation in automated display-testing systems, the SS400 series. The SS400 series includes several hardware advancements, such as USB-controlled 16-bit spectrometers and 12-bit CCD cameras. New software includes improved response-time measurements and ISO 300 test suites. The response-time software includes motion-blur measurements, such as blur-edge time, moving-edge response time, and blur-edge width. Also included is improved filtering and an improved user interface. The ISO 300 suite tests in full accordance with the latest draft of the ISO 9241-307 Ergonomics Standard.



Orem, UT 801/225-0930
Booth 1561

New inorganic absorptive polarizer

Inorganic absorptive polarizers have not existed until now. MOXTEK has used its innovative design and manufacturing techniques to produce a new inorganic absorptive polarizer. It is ideal for use in HTPS front-projector applications or when back reflection and heat load are problems. MOXTEK specializes in wire-grid polarizers up to 8 in. in diameter for use in consumer displays, scientific instruments, and industrial and military applications. MOXTEK provides polarizers ranging from the UV to LWIR. Expertise is in high-volume and custom applications of wire-grid polarizers and other nano-photonics devices.



Milpitas, CA 95035-5430
Booth 2135

Nanoparticle manufacturing tool

NanoGram's Nanoparticle Manufacturing (NPM™ ) tool is production-scalable for compositionally complex materials used in displays, printable electronics, batteries, imaging products, and semiconductor devices. NPM tools give users precise control of nanoparticle size, size distribution, and composition. In AR coatings, for example, NPM tools produce the nanocomposites used to increase the refractive index of polymers by 0.30 while maintaining >90% transparency. Nanoscale porous and dense films can also be produced. Applications include AR coatings, phosphors for LEDs and PDPs, low-K dielectrics, doped nanosilicon, high-RI encapsulants, polarizer/BEF films, nano-pigments, backlights, and photoresists.



Meadville, PA +44-(0)-1844-260377
Booth 1738

Extended range of ITO and AR/AG glass

Optical Filters have released an EMI-shielding 4- Ω/sq. ITO glass to complement their popular 12-Ωsq. product. Consistent coating ensures no color shift and a light transmission of 85% gives excellent optics. This ITO glass is ideal for displays in avionics, rail, and marine applications. Optical Filters have also added an excellent anti-reflective/ anti-glare (AR/AG) coated glass to their range. AR/AG extends the effective anti-glare control of the front surface and also eliminates the finger marketing limitations associated with anti-reflective coatings. These exciting new products are available in 1.1 mm (0.04 in.) thickness or laminated into a multifunctional window at their manufacturing facilities in Europe or North America.



Pasadena, CA 508/870-6500
Booth 1400

Illumination design and analysis software

The latest version of LightTools illumination design and analysis software delivers new capabilities for modeling surface textures. Specifically, LightTools Version 5.4 introduces a surface texture feature that enables users to create an arbitrary geometrical object and then produce surfaces in which the object is positioned repeatedly in a variable pattern. Texture objects can be individually moved, rotated, and scaled within the pattern, and these parameters can be automatically refined using the fully integrated LightTools Optimization Module. This advanced texture modeling and optimization capability is particularly useful for designing critical components of LCD backlights, microlens arrays, digital micromirror device (DMD) projection systems, and light-pipe components.



Orlando, FL 407/422-3171
Booth 1636

Display-measurement system

Optronic Laboratories' OL 770-DMS, comprised of the OL 770 High-Speed Test and Measurement System and the new OL 610 CCD Imaging Telescope, offers a complete solution for display-measurement requirements. It is available in UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges, capable of 25+ spectral scans per second with a USB interface, and is equipped with Windows®-based software, yet is portable and lightweight. The OL 610 has a wavelength range from 360 to 1100 nm and is available in 0.5° and 1.0° fields of view. With the OL 770-DMS, accurate color, luminance, and spectral information are rendered instantly at the click of a button. On-screen real-time video shows exactly what is being measured, and an image of the measurement scene can be captured and stored with each spectral scan.



Osaka, Japan +81-72-855-8550
Booth 1933

MPRT measurement system

The MPRT-2000 can measure moving-picture response time (MPRT) and is equipped with a monochrome/color CCD camera that pursues a moving picture from a FPD automatically, similar to that of the human eye. A color CCD camera enables the validation of motion artifacts, i.e., motion edge coloring, color break, etc. The MPRT-2000 is suitable for improving motion blur of all types because the development of motion artifacts can be evaluated as objective parameters. The recent model covers a wide variety of FPDs from cellular phones to an aurora vision.



Tempe, AZ 480/379-2802
Booth 922

Sunlight-readable touch screens

PanJit touch screens make state-of-the-art Eclips-Touch touch screens for outdoor lighting conditions. The optical characteristics of touch screens are optimized and customized by enhancing the polarized light transmission, color, saturation, and contrast, reducing the natural reflection and also enhancing the battery power and extending the LCD lifetime. EclipsTouch is ideal for applications such as military and/or automotive displays, GPS, or rugged notebooks where they can be easily installed and maintained.



Inchon, Korea +82-32-851-6061
Booth 1036

2-D/3-D switchable stereoscopic LCD

With a Pavonine Stereoscopic 3-D display, it is possible to view real 3-D on a LCD monitor, which means the content literally jumps out of the screen and shows deep into the screen. Pavonine is offering displays that achieve this with or without the use of polarized glasses. At screen sizes from 17 to 32 in., internal image formatting technology and 2-D/3-D switchablility make the Dimen and Miracube monitors among the leading solutions in the 3-D display sector. A VGA (640 x 480 x RGB) stereoscopic 3-D display has been developed by using a precisely patterned wire-grid polarizer (WGP) with rows of alternating polarization angles. The structure, allowing total freedom of movement, is free of any limitations on both viewing angle and viewing distance inherent in conventional stereoscopic displays, whereby enabling several persons to view stereoscopic image simultaneously.



Caldwell, NJ 973/227-5401
Booth 1867

UV-curable coatings

Performance Coatings International (PCI) is a premier global supplier of high-performance UV-curable coatings – Vueguard 901®, Vueguard 801, Lensguard 501, and TopPro – used to enhance the physical, chemical, optical, and environmental properties of engineered plastics. PCI offers Chromafilter®, a complete line of high-resolution polymer-based optical filters for all types of optoeletronic displays. Other capabilities include CNC fabrication, screen-printing, laboratory testing, adhesive applications, and other assembly operations within an ISO-9001 environment.



Redwood City, CA 650/632-0800
Booth 1517

Mobile multilayer displays

Using PureDepth's proprietary Multi-Layer Display (MLD™ ) technology, this mobile sample is for use in mobile phones and handheld entertainment devices (music players, game devices, etc.). Any 3-D content can be played in real depth or a text message can be displayed on the front LCD while your favorite music video plays on the back LCD. Because MLD technology uses real depth, there is no "tricking" of the eye as in 3-D stereoscopic displays. PureDepth licenses both the technology and manufacturing processes for strategic partners.



Santa Ana, CA 714/540-5122
Booth 2017

Plastic displays

This active-matrix flexible electrophoretic display is based on PVI's MagicMirror® reflective technology and the EPLaR process developed by Philips Research. It uses PVI's standard 6-in. MagicMirror® backplane and is the plastic "twin" of electrophoretic displays already made by PVI and used in ALL 6-in. glass e-readers that are on the market today. It mainly uses normal a-Si TFT manufacturing process, so that no significant investment is needed to convert production from glass to plastic displays. It will be the world's first commercialized flexible active-matrix e-paper. It is slim, light, unbreakable and will be admired by industrial designers. It will pave the way for the creation of NextGen eReading devices.



Salt Lake City, UT 801/466-8770
Booth 1806

Force-based sensing technology

Touch-panel failures caused by repeated use, harsh weather elements, dirt, debris, and even abuse are now a thing of the past with the introduction of InfiniTouch™. QSI's patent-pending force panel technology uses a force-based sensing technique that provides the ability to work with any rigid surface – granite, steel, glass, wood; the options are limitless. The result is a virtually indestructible touch surface that is impervious to debris, weather, use, and abuse, making it ideal for public-access kiosks and industrial, medical, military, and residential/hospitality applications.



Englishtown, NJ 732/792-1234
Booth 1257

Dual ZIP adapter board

Quadrangle Products has developed the QD7018 Series – a dual ZIF adapter board that allows for easy extension of common-conductor-count 0.5-mm-pitch FFC cables. Additionally, the QD7018 series can be combined with the RT-700G series of FPC-to-wire adapters. This allows designers using LCDs with 0.5-mm-pitch pigtails to interface to most standard wire connectors. It is ideal for prototypes and small-production quantities. The QD7018 Series is available in 0.5-mm pitch with 4, 10, 20, 30, 33, 40, 45, and 50 conductors.



Duvall, WA 425/844-0152
Booth 1727

New imaging sphere

The new Imaging Sphere is the first instrument to deliver high-speed measurements of FPD color, luminance (brightness), and contrast as a function of viewing angle. It provides a lower cost alternative to traditional conoscopes while delivering higher flexibility and superior resolution. This makes the Imaging Sphere ideal for both R&D projects and real-time production QC tasks. The turnkey system consists of a 20-in. (550 mm) diameter, hemispherical measurement chamber, mated with a CCD-based imaging photometer or colorimeter. This configuration acquires data over an entire 2π steradians in a single measurement, taking just seconds. System software provides extensive data analysis capabilities.



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ITO-coated and patterned flexible substrates

Sheldahl Technical Materials will showcase the Accentia family of ITO-coated and patterned flexible substrates. Accentia is a low-resistance vacuum-deposited transparent coating made of ITO and is offered in a wide range of ITO-coating options for touch screens, EMI shielding, flat-panel and EL displays, and static dissipative applications. Sheldahl's manufacturing facility offers value-added services such as high-resolution roll-to-roll patterned ITO coatings, specialty optically clear laminations, and component assembly options.


sim4tec GmbH

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Professional OLED simulation software

sim4tec GmbH, a provider of numerical simulation software for organic electronics, has released its OLED simulation software SimOLED® which enables the user to model the complete optoelectrical characteristics of OLEDs consisting of up to 40 layers. By interacting with the user friendly graphical user interface, quantities such as current density, luminance, and efficiency can be calculated. SimOLED® can calculate transient and steady-state values, generate spatially resolved plots of charge-carrier profiles, exciton profiles, recombination rates, and electric field; handle the treatment of singlet and triplet excitons; include charge and emitter doping; and model interface dipoles, exciplex states, and quenching effects.



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Single-chip driver ICs

Sitronix Technology Corp. will feature the ST77XX series of single-chip driver ICs for both a-Si TFT and LTPS displays that can be applied to any small portable battery-driven product, such as cellular phones, MP3 and MP4 players, and PDAs. The ST77XX series integrates power circuits, gate and source drivers, oscillators, timing generators, and built-in adjustable gamma curve for display optimization. All these drivers support all types of interfaces, including the 80/68 MCU interface, RGB interface, and serial peripheral interface. The TFT series with different resolutions can be adopted into panel sizes from 1.3 to 4.0 in.



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QQVGA color OLED driver

Solomon Systech will feature the SSD1355, a color OLED driver with an integrated controller delivering premium image quality. The SSD1355 supports up to QQVGA resolution and 262k true colors and has intelligent display features for applications such as mobile phones, MP3 players, portable multi-media players, and digital cameras. An extremely compact die size and a superfine pitch featured in the SSD1355 allow for the manufacture of highly competitive COF packages to fit all popular resolutions in the color OLED market, such as 128RGB x 160, 128RGB x 128, 128RGB x 96, 128RGB x 64, and 96RGB x 96.



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Fiber laser-powered stencil cutter

Fast and clean manufacturing of thin metal masks is now possible using the Laser Stencil System (LSS 800) from Synova, featuring the unique Laser MicroJet® technology. Almost any aperture shape can be created with very small beam diameters down to 28 μm. The LSS offers high mechanical precision with a tolerance of less than 5 μm. An unsurpassed cutting quality is achieved at rates of up to 30,000 apertures per hour without any heat damage, deposition, burrs, or oxidation. There are no gas emissions and all waste products are removed in the water flow.



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Small-to-medium TFT display modules

Tianma Microelectronics offers a full range of LCDs from character and graphic LCD/LCMs to full-color STN and TFT modules. Providers of a complete custom solution for automotive, medical, industrial, portable handheld, and consumer-electronics applications. Product quality is backed by ISO9001, QS9000, TS16949, and ISO14000 International Certifications. All products are in compliance with the RoHS Directive as well.



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Mechanical glass cutter

The TLC Summit Gen-5® High-Accuracy Glass Cutter easily cuts single sheet or laminated thin flat substrates into rectilinear/circular/curvilinear parts with close precision tolerance. Its small footprint (68 x 94 in./1727 x 2388 mm) requires far less production floor space than comparable Gen 5 equipment. The unobstructed stage (46 x 58 in./ 1160 x 1460 mm) provides easy integration in a fully automated production line. Windows®-basedO/S seamlessly interfaces with AutoCAD®. Multifunctional flexibility, quick product changeover, high quality, and repeatable precision are easily achieved. TLC's cutting process is quick, clean, and dry (no contaminating oil/water), producing pristine afterbreak edge quality. Instantaneous target set-up utilizes a CCD camera in the unique TLC rotating cutting head for extremely accurate, repeatable processing.



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PC-based video test-pattern generators

UNIGRAF announces two new generator families. The VTG-5000 family is targeted for testing high-definition LCD and PDP panels featuring the full 36-bit color depth and a 120-Hz refresh. They provide output options from LVDS, quad LVDS, dual DVI, RGB, and YUV to parallel TTL with an output of over 400-Mpixels/sec. The VTG-4108 covers the other end of the spectrum, providing a programmable parallel TTL and a 4-link LVDS output. The VTG-4108 is an ideal cost-effective solution for small-sized color panels.



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Phosphorescent OLED materials

Universal Display's award-winning PHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology enable OLED display manufacturers to produce OLEDs with dramatically higher power efficiency when compared to conventional OLED and LC displays. PHOLED materials are available in a variety of colors, all offering excellent operating performance for use in full-color displays as well as white OLEDs for display and lighting applications. Universal Display Corp., a leading developer of OLED technologies, will also showcase other core technologies at this year's SID Symposium and Exhibition, including advances in its FOLED® Flexible OLED, TOLED® Transparent OLED, and WOLED White OLED technologies.



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Twenty Interviews

Veritas et Visus has compiled 20 interviews from our five display-industry newsletters into a 65-page special issue. The compilation features a broad spectrum of luminaries from the display industry, providing the reader with fascinating insights from founders, presidents, C-level executives, VPs, and other top managers. Learning from the experts is a great path to take on the road to seeking truth (veritas) and vision (visus). Be sure to stop by our booth and check out our newsletters on 3-D, flexible displays, high resolution, touch screens, and display standards.



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Mobile displays

By using a VPW display (with an RGBW subpixel) and a VP algorithm, the perceptual resolution of still images or video is improved, without compromising the actual image quality. And the brightness is enhanced using the VPW display. Apart from that, in the display using this approach, the VP VGA resolution of 480 x VP x 640, where VP = 1, corresponding to a conventional VGA resolution of 480 x RGB x 640, where RGB=3. In other words, VP Technology enables a savings of 2/3 the number of source lines and controls the IC frame buffer without increasing the number of the pixels or the dots density.



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Display diffusers

Wavefront Technology (WFT) mass produces roll-to-roll tailored micro-diffusers (TMD™ ) using proprietary low-cost replication methods. WFT currently offers an extensive library of TMD, which is available as standard items. The TMD can be die-cut to customer specifications on a choice of substrates and thicknesses. WFT also offers roll-to-roll or large-flat-panel replication of micro-structured optical films containing prismatic, diffractive, or micro-lens features.



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Small-display testing

Westar Display Technologies, a global supplier of quality assurance test solutions for flat-panel displays, will be demonstrating a new high-speed measurement system for assuring display quality of small displays for cell phones and other devices. QuickTestmeasures the front-of-screen performance of small displays with a tact time of approximately 30 sec for most display types. The QuickTest™ enables manufacturers to test up to 100% of their displays. Tests performed by QuickTest include: brightness, contrast, color, uniformity, cross-talk, color gamut, flicker, response time, gamma, and more. The system is capable of testing most small displays on the market today.



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Breakthrough ink-jet technology

Xaar's latest printhead is ideal for single-pass industrial manufacturing of flat-panel displays and printed electronics. The 1001 uses continuous through-flow (TF) technology that provides exceptional reliability and quality when printing diverse functional fluids. By constantly circulating the fluid through the manifold and past the nozzles, Xaar's patented TF technology provides major performance benefits: easy to fill and start-up; low maintenance – self-priming, self-recovery; improved jettability; operational uniformity; and the fluid stays mixed or agitated.



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Software tool

ZEMAX is the software that optical engineers and designers around the world choose for lens design, backlighting, illumination optics, stray light, LED optics, and many other applications. ZEMAX leads the industry in technical power, easy of use, and proven accuracy. The photo shows a fly's eye integrating system for a digital projector. The lamp output is circular, with a dark spot in the center. After imaging through a pair of lenslet arrays and a field lens, a uniform rectangular illumination patch is produced, ideal for illuminating DMD, LCD, or LCoS devices.



Tyne & Wear, U.K. +44-(0)-191-414-0545
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Touch-sensor film

At SID 2007, Zytronic will be showcasing its latest projected capacitive technology (PCT™ ) product, ZYPROFILM, which enables businesses to install reliable, lightweight, and large-screen interactive rear-projection displays that can be operated under glass tabletops and in other environments with glass surfaces up to 20 mm thick. Based on the same principles utilized in Zytronic's award-winning ZYTOUCH® touch sensor, ZYPROFILM is drift-free, thus eliminating the need for recalibration and keeping operating costs down to a minimum. It is an ideal solution for turning a glass shop front into a touch-sensitive interface, allowing businesses to continue to operate out of hours. •